Welcome to She Loves Nice Things.

My name is Debbie, and I’m the blogger behind She Loves Nice Things. I’m so pleased that you’re here! 🙂

As the blog title says, I love nice things. But ‘nice things’ weren’t easy to come by on my salary.

A few of years ago, I was looking for a proverbial ‘side hustle’ to help make some side cash to facilitate my thirst for ‘nice things’ in addition to my regular paycheque. In doing my research, there were more than a few considerations to take into account; I couldn’t do something that required working for someone else even on a part-time basis (most of you can probably relate), I was looking for something that would enable me to build something online, that would make money, and perhaps even allow me to quit my job.

While doing research for that side hustle, blogging kept jumped out at me. And that was it. I was already blogging, but not thinking of it as a way to make money. Honestly speaking, while I was researching that side hustle, I’d already built this blog, but I built it essentially for ‘fun’. But when I saw that it was actually generating traffic, I started taking it much more seriously.

I’ve actually been blogging since about 2004, but none of my previous blogs were created with making money in mind. I was simply blogging for fun (like this one originally was), because it’s that too…blogging is a lot of fun.

On my blog building journey, I’ve learned like…a jillion things that quite honestly, in all of the research that I’ve done, no one EVER TOLD ME! For instance, you’ve probably heard that WordPress (self-hosted) is the best blogging platform out there, but what no one ever told me (but sweet Jesus I figured it out on my own) is that yes, WordPress IS probably the most flexible blogging platform out there, it’s easy to install, but it’s a nightmare to set up! Once you’ve chosen your theme (which can be another nightmare to make it look like the demo), and you start posting and getting traffic to your work, WordPress is awesome. Truly.

The blog is chock full of content that includes health and lifestyle focused pieces, as well as blogging tips (which I think I might be focusing more on in the not-so-distant future).