Blogging Tools to Help You Grow

So…I get mail from eager bloggers and bloggers-to-be on a fairly regular basis. Most are interested in finding out which tools I use to run this blog, so I figured I’d give that information it’s own permanent page. Below are the Blogging Tools to Help You Grow, that I use to both run, and monetize She Loves Nice things, and I’ve included some other tools that I’ve used in the past, and still recommend.

Domain Name & Hosting 

Alrighty; The first thing you’re going to need for your brand new baby (blog) is a name and a place to put it on the www, also known as ‘hosting’.

For my own blogs I use this company, but to be truthful, they’re great if you’re capable of manipulating your blog from the back end (in the cPanel), but I’d advise you to go with a simpler provider like one of the following if you’re a newbie;

Host Gator – Get your hosting for $2.75 a month AND get a free domain!

Blue Host – Great pricing and service to match. $3.95 a month hosting if you want to pay for 36 months up front (that’s 3 years yo…). You get a free domain, but well…you’re paying for THREE YEARS of hosting up front…

Ultra Web Hosting – Hosting as low as $2.95 a month, and you get a free trial.

Host Metro – $2.95 a month hosting for life 🙂

Glow Host – Get 3 months of hosting for just $1!

Web Hosting Pad – Great hosting service starting at just $1.99

Jaguar PC – Reliable hosting for $3.27 a month

Graphic Design Tools

Below are some Blogging Tools & Resources in the form of graphic design tools that I know you’ll find useful.

Picmonkey – I love this cool piece of software. It’s great for ‘pin sized’ graphics for platforms like Pinterest, as well as other types of graphics tasks. Not a bad price at $7.99/month. Well worth the dough.

Fiverr – I use Fiverr for things like logos and graphics on the fly (when I’m too lazy to do it myself). Super cheap, and I’ve been using them for years, and I’ve never had a complaint 🙂 You can find lots of vendors here who’ll do your project for five bucks. Can’t beat that 🙂

Email Marketing Tools

AWeber – a email/newsletter management tool that I use on a couple of my blogs

SumoMe – a tool to help you collect email addresses through a number of cool popups, hello bars, welcome mats and other tools.

Mailchimp – I started my email marketing journey with Mailchimp, and I still use it for my blogs that have less than 2000 subscribers 🙂

Mailmunch – This email marketing tool actually syncs with Mailchimp, which is awesome. Using the basic version is free (Yay!), but if you want the fancy templates etc., it’s gonna cost you (not much though).

Monetizing that Bad Boy!

Adsense – Probably the easiest way to monetize your blog, new or otherwise.

More to come. Stay tuned… 😉

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