10 Instagram Accounts with Great Entertainment During Quarantine

So…you’re generally a social butterfly, and this ‘quarantine thing’ is hitting you particularly hard?

Don’t stress.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been scrolling through your social media accounts like a possessed junkie. My phone shows me notifications of how much ‘screen time’ I’m getting per day/week, and to be completely honest, it’s getting scary AF.

But what else are we supposed to do?

With streaming services like Netflix crashing/slowing down (I haven’t been able to access Netflix since shortly after this thing started), and music streaming services limiting us to “one album per day”, Instagram users are picking up the slack with entertainment via ‘live’ videos, and entertainment right on their account pages.

Whether it’s a dance party full of remixes that you’ve never heard (and will blow your socks off), to your favorite singers joining forces to do random duets, Instagram is the place to be during this crazy time.

Here are some accounts attempting to keep your mind off the fact that it’s bored AF:

  1. @JanetJackson – Looks like Janet is scouring Instagram for users who’re keeping themselves busy recreating dance moves from her concerts and videos. Very cool to watch 🙂
  2. @cthagod – Aka Charlamagne the God, aka Lenard Larry McKelvey is one of the personalities at NYC’s nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club. His Insta account is always some kind of interesting, with interview snippets and opinion pieces. It’s definitely an account that you wanna ‘slow your scroll’ for.
  3. @theellenshow – Who DOESN’T love Ellen? Right now, her account is all about how she’s spending her quarantine time, Face Timing her famous friends. Hilarious.
  4. @sciencc – I could watch this stuff for hours (and I have). It’s tons of science experiments that’ll blow your mind (seriously).
  5. @dnice – Live quarantine parties at “Club Quarantine”. Nuff said 🙂
  6. @weirdchemistry – Pretty much a no-brainer. It’s weird chemistry.
  7. @blossom – Life hacks galore! Super easy to watch this for hours.  See below 😉
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8. @TheHamboneGroup – Short weekly satire on current events. Hilarious short videos about everything under the sun, including “Dating Before Tinder”, “Is Facebook Listening”, and “Women Try Balls”. They’ll definitely make you laugh, but this account is NOT for the sensitive 🙂

9. @mtvcatfishI’m addicted to this account AND the show. But I’m done with paying for ‘this package’ and ‘that package’ to my cable company in order to get the various shows I like (that aren’t on Netflix). So I binge on Nev and Max’s obsession with catching those who aren’t entirely honest about who they are online. Some of the reveals are downright rude, but it’s like watching a car wreck; it’s horrific, but you can’t look away.

10. @manniefresh – THIS is the account to follow if you’re looking for a musical ‘pick me up’. Awesome re-mixes in just about every post 🙂


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