10 Ways to Have a Healthier Day

Let’s face it; regardless of the shape we’re in, we all want to be healthier, but making short term changes is pointless. Lasting change comes in the form of baby steps, some so easy that you’ll barely notice that you’re making them.

That said, this is 10 ways to have a healthier day:

Add Probiotics to your Diet

Adding probiotics to your diet is the first way to have a healthier day.

If you’re a fan of yoghurt, you’ll be happy about this one. Probiotics don’t just help with digestion; they’ve also been known to boost immunity. A cup of yoghurt topped with berries or granola in the am will go miles to improving gut health.

Clean your cellphone…often

You’ve probably heard that your cellphone is the nastiest thing that you touch all day. It happens to be true. Think of all the things that you touch throughout the day, then wipe them onto your phone when handling it. Then we put that gross thing to our faces, contaminating our cheeks with the day’s germs.  And we wonder why we’re breaking out.

Just Smile 

Studies show that smiling can greatly improve your mood and lower stress levels, but it also lowers heart rate when you’re stressed. Another study from Penn State University found that people who smile more often appear to be more likable, and even more competent.

Laugh. Often.

Laughing lowers blood pressure. That’s it.

10 Minutes of Yoga

10 minutes of yoga in the am will help boost blood flow to the brain and stretch out your spine. Ground your feet by pressing into all four corners of each sole then bend your knees and fold forward from the hips with a straight back. Voila! Feel better?

Don’t Wear Shoes in the House

Removing your shoes when you enter the house is another way to have a healthier day.

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Think about all the “ick” that you probably step in on the sidewalk. Leaving your shoes outside, or taking them off at the door not only keeps you from bringing pollen into the house during allergy season, but it also leaves all kinds of nastiness outside. When researchers tested shoes for germs, they found all kinds of pathogens, including e-coli (yuck).

Hug Someone

A hug a day keeps the doctor away. Hugging raises levels of the hormone oxytocin, which in turn reduces the concentration of stress hormones. According to a study by Carnegie Mellon University, hugging also helps protect against stress and infection.

Practice Mindful Eating

Another way to have a healthier day, is to practice mindful eating.

When you sit down to eat, take a slow, deep breath, then chew your first bite of food for 30 seconds. Research says this simple trick slows down eating throughout the meal, helping to improve digestion.

Brush Your Tongue

Just like bacteria builds up on and in between your teeth, hardening into plaque and tartar if not removed, bacteria also builds up on your tongue, which can spread to teeth and up the risk of cavities and gingivitis. This is then covered by a thin layer of mucus which coats the fleshy parts of the mouth. The bacteria and other debris trapped on the tongue can cause bad breath, and a white dis-coloration of the tongue. Sound gross? Good.


These devices emit light in the blue spectrum, which disrupts sleep. Staying plugged in to  technology keeps your brain from relaxing and recouping after a long work day. Scrolling on your smartphone in bed keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep, as it shuts down production of the sleep-enhancing hormone melatonin when that light hits your retina.

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