12 Things You Should Always Buy at the Dollar Store

As a single mom of 3 humans, I’m the first to admit that I can be ‘frugal’. That said, I don’t call the ‘dollar store’ the dollar store. At my house it’s known as the $40 dollar store, because I rarely get out of there with under 40 dollars worth of stuff in my bag, but what I get for that forty bucks would likely cost me upwards of $100 anywhere else!

Here are 12 Things You Should Always Buy at the Dollar Store (great deals!); (Pssst! Did you know that you can save a TON of money on school supplies there too?)

  1. Glass Storage Jars

Who doesn’t use these? So handy for things like sugar and candy!

2. Packing Tape

I once made the mistake of buying packing tape at another store because I couldn’t make it to the dollar store. It cost me $4.99. Never again.

3. Plastic Hooks

Have you SEEN what these things cost, even at Walmart? A buck is a steal!

4. Food Containers

I never buy these anywhere BUT the dollar store. They can be really pricey everywhere else, and I use them every day.

5. Clear Organizers

6. Glass Candy Jars

7. Drawer Organizers

8. Manicure Sets

9. Lunch Bags / Freezer Bags

10. Painting Supplies

11. Clear Glass Storage Bowls

12. Kitchen Towels

*All photos courtesy of Dollar Tree


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