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15 of the World’s Best Travel Hacks

Any advice that we can get in order to make the act of travelling easier is usually greatly appreciated.

We scoured the web, and harassed frequent flyers and travel experts, to come up with 15 of the world’s best travel hacks.

A couple of dryer sheets tucked in your suitcase will give clothing a fresh-from-the-dryer scent upon arrival.

Disposable shower caps (available at most hotels) are a great way to keep dirty shoes from making a mess of your clothing

Those hotel-room shampoo bottles from previous trips are great for stashing your must-have creams and potions in carry-on-approved quantities

Pack clothes that are prone to creasing in tissue. Place a couple of sheets on the shirt or dress before you fold it.


Secure a binder clip to the sharp end of your razor to avoid dulling the blades and getting any accidental nicks.

Number 6 on this list of 15 of the World’s Best Travel Hacks is to stick to a single airline whenever possible. That way, you get the highest frequent-flyer miles and status.

Another of the world’s best travel hacks is also a time saver; never ever check anything. It seriously cuts down on time spent waiting for checked bags, and eliminates the possibility that your checked luggage will go missing, because you don’t have any.


Whenever possible, roll your clothing. This will minimize creasing and maximize space.

When travelling with young children, pass on a suite and request a room with a large closet or bathroom so the crib can be wheeled in at bedtime instead

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When travelling to Disneyland, I packed a backpack full of granola bars, fruit roll ups, actual fruit and juice boxes for each of our 3 kids. It completely eliminated them asking for the insanely expensive (and unhealthy) food in the park, and kept them fed and hydrated the entire time.

Before giving your credit card information to a foreign Internet provider, check Foursquare and Yelp. Both sites often share Wi-Fi passwords for cafés, restaurants, malls and airports.

Put your cellphone on “airplane mode” for faster charging.

Save time hunting down the perfect postcard, then finding a post office for stamps, blah, blah, blah with Postagram, the app that turns your digital photos into actual postcards and puts them in the mail. Cool, right?

Ask to see a selection of rooms when you check in. Hotels often try to unload the worst rooms first.

If you’re worried about theft from your room, leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door when you go out.



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