3 Bedtime Beauty Habits you Should Get Into

We all know the bedtime routine; shower and brush your teeth. They’re the essential hygiene habits that were drilled into us as children.

As teens we learned that maintaining good hygiene, and skincare that would keep us pimple-free, required more than just soap and a toothbrush. In our twenties we start to think more about skincare, and the issues that could arise later on, if we don’t take proper care of our skin before we head into our 30’s.

My mom always said one word when it came to taking care of my skin (she’s in her 70’s now, and the woman still looks like a 40 year old without wrinkles). She said the one word, but she’d always repeat it 3 times.

So here are 3 Bedtime Beauty Habits that you Should Get Into;

  1. Start Early

When getting ready to turn in for the evening, instead of waiting ’til you’re so exhausted that you can barely see straight, try doing part of your bedtime routine an hour or so earlier. That way, it doesn’t feel like such a huge chore that you just want to rush through when it’s time to actually head for bed.

  2. Lavender Body Lotion

We all know that the scent of lavender can be super relaxing, but once you’ve had a relaxing shower, moisturize your skin with a lavender based body lotion. It’ll make your skin super soft, and relax your body and your mind, enabling you to get a good (usually awesome) night’s sleep.

Having a hard time finding a good Lavender lotion? Below are some top rated Lavender Body Moisturizers;

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3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

“Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize”. That’s the word that my mom said more than once when I was in my teens. And now that I’m a ‘bit’ older, I’m choosing to actually listen to her advice.

Slathering your face with moisturizer before bed can have dramatic anti-aging effects. I’m telling my daughters (who’re in their 20’s) that THIS is the time to start a great moisturizing regimen, to ward off wrinkles later in life.

A good moisturizer doesn’t have to be expensive. Anything that makes your skin feel soft and smooth, something organic or natural would make more sense than something that’s filled with synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Coconut oil makes a fantastic face moisturizer. Regardless of which facial moisturizer you choose, be sure to use a warm cloth to wipe it off in the am, before you apply whatever moisturizer you use under your makeup.

Peace! 🙂






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