3 Things You Need to Find Mr. Right

3 Things You Need to Find Mr. Right

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked the question, “Why is it so hard to find a good man?”  I think I may have even asked it myself a couple of times. But lately, in simply observing how people meet and “couple up”, I’ve noticed that there are 3 Things You Need to Find Mr. Right;

  1. access,
  2. opportunity, and
  3. familiarity

3 Things You Need to Find Mr. Right

3 Things You Need to Find Mr. Right

Let me explain; have you ever noticed how many people who work together end up dating each other (not a fantastic idea, but it works for some)? This is an example in which all three variables, access, opportunity and familiarity are present.

If you find yourself wandering into the same coffee shop, at the same time on your way to work in the morning, odds are that you’re noticing that you’re generally bumping into the same people, who happen to have the same schedule as you do. What do you think the odds are that you’ll find ‘that guy’ in that coffee shop some morning? You’ve probably already seen him.

Think about the type of guy that you’re attracted to, whether he frequents the gym, enjoys movies, likes to ride, etc., and head over to the place that you think you might find him, doing what he loves.

3 Things You Need to Find Mr. Right

Most women will go to the place that she thinks she’ll find Mr. Right one time, and because she doesn’t find him there on that random time, she thinks that she’s never going to find him there. But she’s not going to find him there when she goes there just one time, even if she happens to see him there on that one occasion, because this scenario is lacking one of the three variables; familiarity. Sure…he might see her the one time that she’s there. He might even think, “Damn! She’s cute!” when he sees her. But having only seen her one time, he’s not familiar with her at all, and so he lets her leave without even trying to speak to her.

But if he sees her at the gym that he’s at every Wednesday night, for more than one week in a row, suddenly, he’s found the courage to approach her, because now they have the gym in common. Now…he has familiarity. He’s seen her numerous times, and he knows that she’s seen him (because she’s anything but discreet). Access, Opportunity, and Familiarity. Voila!

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3 Things You Need to Find Mr. Right

So the next time you see a hot guy or girl in the coffee shop on your way to work in the morning, take note of how many occasions you see him/her on. After the second time (the third time feels like a nice warm number), offer to buy her coffee or compliment her on something that she’s wearing (we love that). Ladies, compliment his tie or the sexy suit he’s wearing (gotta love a man in a suit).

Access, Opportunity, and Familiarity.

Try it!

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