You legit want to start a blog, so you’re looking for legit information on how to do that. So you go looking for information online.

We’ve all seen those Pinterest posts; “This is how I made thousands of dollars in my first month blogging”.

So you eagerly click on the pin, and get to the post. Only to find that there’s absolutely nothing in it about exactly how said blogger made “a ton of money” in their first month blogging. What you find instead, is a “gibberish post” that feels like it was specifically created to include affiliate links.


You got GOT.

And there’s no shortage of those posts online.

None whatsoever.

There are so many of those posts that it seems like they’re the rule, rather than the exception.

So how do you spot those posts before you’ve wasted your time reading through them, for the ‘nuggets’ that were promised?

Simple. Don’t believe the hype.

Remember the old saying “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”.

How do you know how to create a successful blog? What do you need to create a successful blog that makes money?

Blogs that get tons of traffic, and make lots of money are usually owned by bloggers who’ve put in WORK. They didn’t just throw up a blog one morning, and wake up the next to $5000 in their bank account from that blog.

That just doesn’t happen. I don’t care who tells you that it does.

Let’s look at the anatomy of a growing blog, and maybe you’ll understand why it’s just not possible for a new blog to make a “ton of money” in it’s first month.

The web is made up of content. Nothing else. Well…there are ads, but they’re also a form of content. But even the ads lead to more content.

When you open your laptop and crack open your web browser, it’s because you want to do one of two things; you’re either looking for content, or you’re creating content.


The web thrives on content. The more content a blog or website has, the more likely it is to be getting more traffic.

A brand new blog obviously doesn’t have much content on it. In addition, when it’s owner does start creating content for it, it can take what can feels like a lifetime for that content to be indexed by Google. 

Then you need to think about those who’re actually going to be searching for your content. Not everyone online is searching for your particular type of content. So you wait. Because, what other choice do you have? 


You could always pour a ton of cash into ads promoting your content, but that would eat into the “thousand$” that you claim to be making in your first month. 

So what DO you need to find blogging success? 

From what I can tell, there are 4 things that you absolutely must have, to achieve blogging success. 

Most (if not all) successful bloggers have put in the following four things to find insane success with their own blogs. And as fate would have it, those bloggers aren’t the ones who will try to convince you that you can have a successful blog overnight. 

A truly successful blogger will tell you about the struggle. He / She will tell you how they got to where they are, and that it took them years, not weeks or even months to grow their blogs.

These are the 4 things that almost guarantee blogging success.

These things aren’t in any particular order, as it seems that you can’t succeed without one of them.

  1. Time

ALL of the blogs that I researched have been in existence for at least the last 10 years. Most were started pre-2010, with a couple even started pre-2005. 

The longer the blog has been in existence, the more time it’s owner has had to create valuable content that attracts an audience of readers and admirers.

Some great examples of the power and advantage of time when growing a successful blog are: 


Blogs that were started by a creator who had a specific purpose seemed to be a common thread amongst those successful blog. 

Many people start blogs with a specific purpose in mind. Like those who start blogs at the beginning of a lifestyle change, such as weight loss or child birth. 

Others start blogs as a way to stay home and make money, detailing their journey as they go along. 

Some blogs that were started with a specific purpose include:

Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry started his health and fitness journey back in 2012.

He started FitMenCook as a way to hold himself accountable during his diet, but what happened was even better. Kevin lost weight, got fit, and formed an online health community through his blog.

FitMenCook is where Kevin shares simple recipes he used during his diet. He found that blogging motivated him to stick with his diet and he was right in thinking it would inspire others to join him. 

100 Days of Real Food

Lisa is the mother of two wonderful daughters. In 2010, together with her husband Jason, they decided to change their eating habits.

First of all, they focused on healthy food. Secondly, they rejected highly processed foods. It was a complicated and lengthy process that required a lot of family involvement. That is why they decided to share their experiences with others.

They created their blog, The Food Illusion, which over the years, has morphed into

3. Patience

Because starting a growing a successful blog takes time (usually years), one of the most important things you have to have, is patience. 

Without patience, you will without a doubt, get bored, frustrated, tired, or all of the above, with the time it takes to find success with a blog. 

Given the fact that some of the most successful blogs have been in existence on average 10 years, I’m sure you would agree that patience is a must-have. 

The process of writing content for your blog can be daunting, if you’re creating it for the sheer goal of making money. Many (MANY) things can and DO go wrong in the blogging process. It takes a lot of trial, effort and split testing different strategies to figure out what works for your blog. 

When you’re trying to generate traffic for your blog, write for the sheer love of ‘teaching’ others to do what you’re doing, create what you’re creating, etc. If you focus solely on the money, the time it takes to get traction with your blog will make you cranky and bitter. 

You want to bypass the time and effort it takes to grow a blog? There’s really only one thing you need to start with. 

4. Money.

So many bloggers tout about how they grew their blogs to thousands of page views a month in a short period of time. But what they leave out of that equation is that they threw money at the process to speed it up. 

Money to hire a team to grow that blog at lightning speed. Money for ads. Money for content writers. Money for people who will pitch and submit to bigger publications for guest posts. The list is long, but if you throw money at a new blog, you can ‘grow’ it in weeks, not months. 

Now…that strategy will need to include some affiliate marketing tactics to help make that dough back in record time, but it can totally be done.