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40 Pinterest Group Boards for HUGE Growth!

Well…it’s Friday. And I’ve decided that my ‘blogging life’ should take a weekend break the same way that I would if I were in a ‘regular’ job (seriously…I’ve done ‘blog burnout’ before. It’s not fun).

But before I leave you for my 2 day ‘hiatus’, I want to share something that I ‘discovered’ about Pinterest (it’s really just common sense, but if you’re brand new to the blogging game, it might shorten the learning curve a bit).

Studies show that Pinterest has grown so quickly, that it’s catching up with Twitter in the battle for second place, behind Facebook in the US social networking market.

If you’re new to Pinterest, you might only know of ‘regular’ boards that only you can pin to. If you’ve ever heard of the group boards, you might be under the impression that they’re not for you. But you’d be wrong.

I just started playing with group boards for my blog, and I’ve seen an increase in blog traffic since I began. So with this post I am going to tackle the topic of group boards, straighten out what the ‘pros’ are of using them, and giving you a few tips on how you can get cracking, using those boards.

What IS a Group Board?

Pinterest allows its users to organize images and videos into personal collections known as boards.

A group board functions much in the same way that a regular board does, only in the group board, other people are also allowed to pin, and they’re generally invited by the board creator, or you’re free to request an invitation to contribute.

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At first, I have to admit that I was a little bit confused with Pinterest. I mean, I knew about using it to save things that other users were ‘pinning’ and that I admired to my own ‘boards’, but the group board thing was a tad befuddling.

Essentially, with a group board, once you’ve joined, if that group has, say for instance, 10,000 followers, anything you post to the group can be seen by those 10,000 followers. Make sense?

So…my brain does the math, and says, “why would I settle for 10,000 followers? Why not more??” And in doing the research, it’s come to my attention that one of the quickest ways to get the widest reach, is to contribute to boards that have more than a certain number of followers. Simple, right?

Well…yes! Because I’ve put together a list of 40 Pinterest groups, in various categories, who ARE accepting new contributors. In addition, all of the groups on the list have more than 25,000 followers.

Cool right?

Imagine; posting your content to a Pinterest group for 25,000, 50,000, even 100,000+ followers to see and share with their OWN followers!

So… how do you find and sign up for group boards?  Well, there are a couple of ways: you can go onto some of your favorite blogger’s Pinterest accounts and see what group boards they’re on (it’ll have a small icon in the corner of the board of two people figures). I also like to take a peek at which group boards they’re following.

Secondly, you can go to PinGroupie and search for group boards that correspond with your niche AND have a great following and repin rate. How do you find those two? Well at the top, there are drop-down lists and you can search for group boards with a high amount of followers and/or a high repin rate (a high repin rate means that the group board has an active following that are pinning much of  the content from that board). The only issue that I have with PinGroupie, is that there’s no indication as to whether or not your chosen groups are accepting new contributors.

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Automated pinning

Now…the gasoline in this plan lies partly in automating your pinning schedule. Who really has the time to manually pin 4 or 5 times  a day? This is where automation comes in!

I automate all of my Pinterest activities to be sure that I don’t forget (but sometimes I panic, forgetting that I’ve already scheduled my pins) 🙂 I use Tailwind to distribute my pins for about a week at a time, but I don’t just schedule my own content to be pinned. Find interesting things from around the web, or re-pin great pins from others on Pinterest. If you pin high quality content (a.k.a. Pins with lot of repins), Pinterest will notice that you pin influential images and give you a higher repin rate for your own personal pins.

So…back to the boards. Using the group board strategy, becoming a contributor to boards with larger numbers of followers can increase your traffic x 1000! The goal is to contribute to boards with follower counts of more than 25,000 (don’t forget that it’s neighborly to repin/save at least as many pins from others, as you add to the board) .

When it comes to Pinterest and group boards, size does matter! That said, it’s time to get started seeking out your ‘monster’ group boards. Here’s a head start.

CLICK HERE to grab your PDF of “40 Pinterest Group Boards for HUGE Growth!”

Peace 🙂

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