5 Easy Ways to Save Money On Organic Food

5 Easy Ways to Save Money On Organic Food

There’s a great debate out there about whether or not organic food is ‘worth it’ because it’s usually much more expensive than “conventional” food.

The advantages of organic food are well documented, however, it really comes down to one issue; do you and your children really want to eat pesticides in your food?

Assuming your answer is “no” and you want to take the organic food route, how do you go about keeping the cost down?

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Save Money On Organic Food

Grow your own

The cheapest method of keeping down the cost of organic food has got to be to grow your own. The great thing is that it doesn’t require you to have much garden space, or even have a garden at all!

You can grow tomatoes, and strawberries in containers, and the extra benefit is that you get total control over the growing conditions.

The best combination is to have organic soil together with organically produced seeds or plants, that way you can insure you get the full flavor and benefits.

Containers can be placed anywhere that gets a reasonable amount of daylight, which means that you can use them on balconies or other hard surfaces.

Look for your local suppliers

One of the most satisfying things to do is to buy organic food locally. That way you get the freshest ingredients for your kitchen and you also get to support local businesses. With no transportation costs for the supplier,  you should get very competitive prices.

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Don’t forget that these same businesses will be employing local staff, so you’re also helping the local economy. Everybody wins in this scenario.

Local markets

I visit a big local market that’s especially busy in the summertime, and it’s a hot tourist destination. Organic food is just one of the variety of items sold there and the prices are good. Of course they’re all local suppliers and with several of them in one place we all benefit from healthy competition, and we get to sample a lot of fruit!

Local box deliveries

If you’re unable to get out of your house or are too busy working to get your groceries by hand, why not subscribe to an organic box delivery?

You’ll receive, delivered to your door, a weekly selection of fruit and vegetables that’re in season.

Farm shops

Finally, you can investigate whether any farms near you are operating an organic farm shop. Our local one is operated on an open farm so that you can go and see where the animals are being kept and take a look at the crops being grown.

They actually have a well-designed walking route around the farm which can make a nice leisurely day out.

If you look into the options above, you should be able to find considerable savings while you and your family sample the delights and advantages of organic food.

Peace 🙂


5 easy ways to save money on organic food