6 Refreshing Benefits of Cucumber Water

6 Refreshing Benefits of Cucumber Water

Cucumber water is thirst-quenching, containing vitamins, minerals and it’s a hydrating healthy drink that you should add to your diet today. Here are 6 Refreshing Benefits of Cucumber Water.

Cucumber water can protect your brain

Cucumbers contain an anti-inflammatory flavonol called fisetin, which keeps your brain healthier and younger, and studies even suggest that it helps Alzheimer’s patients maintain cognitive function for longer.

Cucumbers keep you hydrated

Overeating and sluggishness are often caused by dehydration, and in the summer heat, you need even more water to feel good.

Give your water intake a boost by drinking cucumber water. It’s so refreshing that you’ll never want to spend a hot summer day without it again.


6 Refreshing Benefits of Cucumber Water

cucumber water is THE START of other healthy habits

Developing a healthy habit or two can lead you to make healthier decisions in other aspects of your life.

Since I started drinking cucumber water, I’ve been upping my intake, and avoiding sugary drinks in favor of healthier options. Cucumber water can be part of a life-changing mindset.

Cucumber water is good for your skin

The silica in cucumbers helps to prevent acne and other skin conditions. You’ve probably seen people put cucumber slices over their eyes for relief, but if you really want to get the full benefit of this fruit, add it to your water.

Cucumber water helps you maintain your weight

One cup of cucumbers contains less than 20 calories, making cucumbers one of the lowest calorie snacks. Low calorie and high fiber foods are a great way to curb your hunger and maintain a healthy weight.

Sometimes, when we reach for a snack, what we really want is something to crunch on. Cucumbers have an awesome crunchy texture that could satisfy that craving without any extra calories.

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Fresh cucumbers provide fresh breath

The ancient science of Ayurveda says that excessive heat in the stomach is a cause of bad breath. Cucumbers are a cooling food, which can alleviate bad breath. The extra water in cucumbers combined with the crunch has a tendency to increase salivation and strips odor-causing bacteria from your mouth.

Cucumber Water recipes

Cucumber and Lemon Water

If you want something a little different, try adding lemon (or lime) to your cucumber water. The added citrus adds a refreshing citrusy boost to the flavor and it adds nutrients, like Vitamin C, to your cucumber water. Just slice 1 lemon or a lime, and add it to your water, then allow it to set overnight.

Cucumber and Mint Water

Adding mint to your water will give your cucumber water some additional ‘pop’. In addition, mint is known to aid in digestion, sooth allergies, and it has antioxidant properties and other trace nutrients. Simply add a few leaves of fresh mint to your water along with your cucumbers.

Cucumber Lavender Water

Add lavender blossoms to your cucumber water! Lavender has many health benefits and adding a couple of teaspoons to your water will add an additional layer of flavor. You can even grow your own lavender for a personal touch.