7 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Budget
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7 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Budget

We’ve all heard the saying “too much month left at the end of the money”, and we’re all looking for ways to turn that around, in order to have “more money left at the end of the month”.

That said, here are 7 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Budget:

Switch Cell Phone Providers

You’d be absolutely surprised at what kind of deals you’ll find once you start looking around at available cell service providers.

I recently left my ‘old’ cellular service provider, where I was paying a ridiculous $90/month for something like 2 GB of data and fairly limited everything else.

I don’t need to tell you that I was into overage dough just about every month, sometimes paying upwards of $110 a month!

After doing a bit of research, I found a much smaller provider, where I’m now paying $50 a month for (wait for it) 10 GB of data a month, and unlimited text, talk and long distance!


By simply doing the research, I saved myself $60 dollars a month on my phone bill!


Get rid of, or reduce cable

Honestly, I haven’t had cable for about 2 years. I have Netflix, Crave and there’s a ton of stuff to watch on YouTube, so I can’t say that I’ve missed it.

With Amazon, Hulu, Netflix or any other streaming service, you really don’t need cable.

If you have a wifi connection, there are literally tens of thousands of things that you can watch online, that’ll keep you from having to pay for cable.


One of the easiest ways to stretch your budget, is to take a peek at what you spend on food, and make some smart decisions there.

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Eating out less, stocking up on things like meat when it’s on sale, and planning meals ahead of time are a few fantastic ways to spend less.


DIY Saves Dough

Around the house, we all pay for jobs we could probably do ourselves.

Weigh your cost/benefit of your time, of course, but you can save a lot by doing things yourself. Paint your own nails, (God knows I don’t miss paying $50+ every 3 weeks for that), cut your kid’s hair, fix items around the house rather than buying new.

Dry clean in your dryer (you can buy kits at the store) rather than paying someone else to do it.

Check the label when you’re buying clothes. If the item says “Dry clean only”, maybe think about leaving it at the store.

Use Only What You Need for Beauty

You don’t need to completely cut out all beauty products or stop wearing makeup altogether, but find products you like and stick with them. Do you need 4 different shades of foundation? Likely not.

In addition, most expensive department store beauty products have a less-expensive drugstore counterpart. Check out your local drug store for great beauty products before heading to that pricey department store beauty counter.


DIY Skin Care Products

Toners, masks, and scrubs can be super expensive if you buy them at the store.

True DIY

You’d be surprised at just how inexpensive the ingredients for those products really are when you make them yourself, and you probably already have the ingredients right in your kitchen cupboards!

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Use Points Wherever Possible

We all have them; points. We accumulate them on everything from travel, to gasoline to groceries. Whether or not you’re in a bind, these points add up QUICK and they’re good for all kinds of ‘free’ stuff.  They’ve saved my bacon on more than one occasion, so get using those points!


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7 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Budget 2


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