5 Mouth Watering Lobster Recipes Anyone Can Make
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5 Mouth Watering Lobster Recipes Anyone Can Make

Cooking lobster at home is one easy way to cut down on the cost of a seemingly extravagant meal, but it also makes the meal more rewarding. Here are 7 Mouth Watering Lobster Recipes Anyone Can Make.

First, you boil the lobsters:


1/4 lb. of salt to each gallon of water.


Medium-sized lobsters are the best. Have a stewing pan of boiling water ready and salted in the above proportion; put in the lobster, and keep it boiling rapidly for;

1 1/4 lb lobster – 6 to 7 minutes

1 1/2 lb lobster – 7 to 9 minutes

2 lb lobster – 10 to 12 minutes

3 lb lobster – 12 to 13 minutes

5 to 6 lb lobster – 18 to 20 minutes

(lobster boiling times courtesy of Lobster Anywhere)

  1. Hot lobster


1 lobster

2 oz. of butter

grated nutmeg; salt, pepper, and pounded mace, all to taste

Bread crumbs

2 eggs.


Pound the meat of the lobster to a smooth paste with the butter and seasoning, and add a few bread crumbs. Beat the eggs, and make the whole mixture into the form of a lobster; pound the spawn, and sprinkle over it. Bake 1/4 hour, and just before serving, lay over it the tail and body shell, with the small claws underneath, to resemble a lobster.

Time. 1/4 hour.

2. Lobster salad.


1 Hen Lobster

Romaine Lettuce

Endive lettuce

Small salad (whatever is in season)

A little chopped beetroot

2 hard-boiled eggs

A few slices of cucumber

For dressing

Equal quantities of oil and vinegar

1 teaspoonful of mustard

2 egg yolks

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Cayenne and salt to taste

3 teaspoons of anchovy sauce

These ingredients should be mixed perfectly smooth, and form a creamy-looking sauce.


Wash the salad, and thoroughly dry it by shaking it in a cloth. Cut up the lettuce and endive, pour the dressing on them, and lightly throw in the small salad.

Mix well together with the pickings from the body of the lobster. Pick the meat from the shell, cut it up into nice square pieces, put half in the salad, the other half reserve for garnishing.

Separate the yolks from the whites of 2 hard-boiled eggs. Chop the whites very fine, and rub the yolks through a sieve, and afterwards the coral from the inside.

Arrange the salad lightly on a glass dish, and garnish, first with a row of sliced cucumber, then with the pieces of lobster, the yolks and whites of the eggs, coral, and beetroot placed alternately, and arranged in small separate bunches, so that the colours contrast nicely.

Lobster (a la mode Francaise).


1 lobster

4 tablespoonfuls of white stock

2 tablespoonfuls of cream

Pounded mace and cayenne to taste

Bread crumbs.


Pick the meat from the shell, and cut it up into small square pieces; put the stock, cream, and seasoning into a stewing pan, add the lobster, and let it simmer gently for 6 minutes. Serve it in the shell, which must be nicely cleaned, and have a border of puff-paste; cover it with bread crumbs, place small pieces butter on top, and brown over the fire.

Time 1/4 hour.

Lobster Curry

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1 lobster

2 onions

1 oz. butter

1 tablespoonful of curry-powder

1/2 pint of medium stock

Juice of 1/2 lemon.


Pick the lobster meat from the shell, and cut it into nice square pieces; fry the onions to a pale brown in the butter, stir in the curry-powder and stock, and simmer till it thickens. When you put in the lobster, stew the whole thing slowly for 1/2 hour, and stir occasionally. Add lemon juice just before serving. Serve with boiled rice.

Time; Altogether, 3/4 hour.

Lobster Cutlets 


1 large hen lobster

1 oz. fresh butter

1/2 spoonful of salt

Pounded mace

Grated nutmeg

Cayenne and white pepper to taste

1 egg

Bread crumbs.


Pick the meat from the shell, and pound it in a mortar with the butter, and gradually add the mace and seasoning, well mixing the ingredients; beat all to a smooth paste, and add a little of the spawn; divide the mixture into pieces of an equal size, and shape them like cutlets. They should not be very thick. Brush them over with egg, and sprinkle with bread crumbs, and stick a short piece of the small claw in the top of each; fry them to a nice brown in boiling lard, and drain them on a reversed sieve. Arrange them nicely on a dish, and pour Bechamel in the middle, but not over the cutlets.

Time; About 8 minutes after the cutlets are made.

Peace 🙂


5 Mouth Watering Lobster Recipes Anyone Can Make

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