8 Awesome Household Hacks You'll Love

8 Awesome Household Hacks You’ll Love!

Updated December 23, 2020

Even though I’m not a best cook (I’m not terrible either though), I’m a huge fan of finding cool (cheap) ways to do things around the house. I’m also not a big fan of discovering that something needs to be done or cleaned, and having to traipse out to the store to get whatever the solution might be.

That said, these are eight of my favorite (inexpensive) household hacks.

Use your Slow Cooker to Make a Cheap,

All-Natural Air Freshener

Heating a combination of lemon, cinnamon sticks, oranges and water in your slow cooker is a great way to make an all natural air freshener. It will make it’s way through your entire house, creating a wonderful aroma.

Use the Microwave to Clean your Sponges

You want to make sure that you clean your sponges regularly, especially if you (like me) leave them in the sink.

Simply toss it into the microwave for about 30 seconds to remove any bacteria. Wait a minute or two before removing it from the microwave, so as not to burn yourself.

Remove Spilled Nail Polish with Sugar

We’ve all done it (I know I have); been painting our nails when we accidentally knock over the bottle of nail polish.


If you can get to it fairly quickly, you can remove it by pouring sugar on it while it’s still wet, and letting it sit for a bit. Then, just wipe it away!

Baking Soda to Brighten Up Your Laundry

I love this one; every once in awhile, I pour about a quarter cup of baking soda in with my laundry, for brighter whites, and colors that pop.

Bread Softens Brown Sugar

You know how brown sugar has a tendency to harden when it’s not closed up tight enough? Pop half a slice of bread into the bag, and put a twist tie on it. Leave it to do it’s thing. The next time you’re ready to use it, your brown sugar will be nice and soft.

Plastic Wrap Keeps Bananas from Ripening too Quickly

Securing plastic wrap around the top of bananas slows the ripening process.

Salt and Lemon Laundry Softener

Add a 3 lb. box of salt (you can use Epsom salt or table salt) to a large bowl or container. Then, add 15 to 20 drops of lemon essential oil. You could use lavender, or jasmine (or something else that you DO like) if you don’t happen to like lemon.

Combine the two ingredients together in a bowl, making sure to mix well, so that the oil is thoroughly mixed in.

Now place your laundry softener  in an airtight container. A large mason jar, or an empty ice cream (plastic) bucket works really well.

To use in your laundry, simply add 1/2 cup of your homemade softener to your laundry and wash as usual. This formula is safe for High Efficiency washers, and the essential oils won’t come out of your dryer smelling super strong,. In addition to softening your clothes, it will also give your laundry a slight boost in scent.

Toss that Dish Brush into the Dish Washer

You know that scrub brush that you use to clean dishes, and reach into glasses to wash the inside with?

Rather than try to work out some complicated way to clean that thing, just toss it into the dishwasher. It gets cleaned AND deodorized 🙂

What could be easier?


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