8 Easy Ways to Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

8 Easy Ways to Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

According to just about anyone who’s had any experience with the platform, Pinterest is far and away the best way to get traffic to a growing blog.

That said, I’m sure that I’ve told you that when I first built this blog, traffic generation was so frustrating for me, that I totally threw up my hands, and I walked away from it…for SIX MONTHS.

But once that little tantrum was over, I came back, and dove into my blog and it’s marketing with a serious vengeance.

Pinterest actually generates 86% of the traffic that this blog sees, and you probably landed here because of it.

If you’re trying to get traffic to your own blog, and you want to use Pinterest to do it, here are a few easy ways to do that;

  1. First and Foremost, Read the RULES!!

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say that their Pinterest accounts have been shut down, and they don’t understand why. Could be because of something that they unintentionally did while pinning, or it could have simply been a misunderstanding/glitch in communication between their account and Pinterest. Who knows? But the last thing you want is to have your account shut down after you’ve been so careful in setting it up. Read and Follow the Rules. PLEASE.

2. Create Boards with Titles that You (or your target audience) Would Look For

Ok. That’s a bit vague, so I’m going to elaborate.

When you go on Pinterest looking for something, typically you’d head to the top of the page, and key in what you’re looking for in the search bar. So if you’re looking for “deals on baby clothes” that’s what you’d type into the search bar. It’s also exactly what you’d name your board if “deals on baby clothes” is primarily what the pins in that board relate to.

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3. Use a Scheduler to help you pin regularly

Before I started really getting into Pinterest, honestly speaking I found it difficult to pin consistently. Since I started using a scheduler, pinning on a consistent basis has been really easy, and it’s actually fun 🙂

I use Tailwind (as does every other blogger and their puppy) to schedule my pins. Sometimes I’m scheduling when I’m simply bored or have nothing else to do, it’s just that easy. Using the Tailwind scheduler is perfectly within Pinterest’s rules.

4. Share and Be Shared

If you’re sharing your own content, it’s only right to be ‘neighborly’ and share the posts of others. That way we all grow 🙂 Be consistent while you’re at it.

5. Ease Into It

It seems that Pinterest frowns on those who’re inactive on the site for long periods of time, then come back into pinning like a bat out of hell, uploading pins like a mad man after not participating at all for months.

If you find that you need to ‘take a break’ from pinning, it only makes sense to ‘ease back in’. Take it slow.

6. Join Group Boards

I’ve been hearing that group boards weren’t intended to be used the way that we (bloggers) are using them now (I’m actually in two group boards that are just me, my daughters and my niece, so I get that). But someone discovered that group boards were a handy tool for distributing content on a grand scale, and so, we have what we have now.

I’ve found that group boards have not only been an awesome way to spread content, but they’re also a cool way to interact with other bloggers. When sending a request to join a group board, you’ll sometimes get to talking with the board owner, and you’ll sometimes find that you have more than a few things in common.

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7. Play Nice and Follow Others

This is a great way to grow your own followers. When I like a pin, I don’t typically just ‘save’ it, a lot of times, I also follow the person who pinned it, and I even go looking for cool people to follow. I’ve found that it’s helped grow my own follower count, as well as including things that I’m interested in, in my Pinterest feed.

8. Have Patience

I’m a really impatient person. Pinterest marketing didn’t change that.

When I first started my Pinterest marketing journey, I was checking my analytics (both Pinterest and Google) like every 3 minutes…LOL! God, it was awful! It’s surprising that I don’t have an ulcer.

Trust me when I tell you that patience really IS a virtue when it comes to marketing of any kind, not just Pinterest. Granted, there were times when my traffic was surging very quickly after I’d implemented something, and that’s probably why I was so impatient. LOL!

Pinterest marketing essentially comes down to two things, and once you grasp those two things, you’ll start to see your traffic and your income grow.

Peace 🙂

8 Easy Ways to Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

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