9 Breezy Tips to Prepare for Your Cruise Vacation

When it comes to vacationing aboard a cruise ship, lots of people prepare only as far as considering their luggage.

Packing for a cruise is important however, it’s not the only preparation that you should be thinking about. Preparing for a cruise shouldn’t wait until the week before your trip. It should actually start as soon as you make your reservation.

Sturdy luggage is very important for your cruise vacation.

The type of cruise that you’re taking is important to your preparation. A large number of cruise ships travel on international waters. In addition to being on international waters, many of those cruises dock at international ports.

Before boarding your ship, you’ll likely have to show proper identification. With international cruises, this identification often includes a drivers license and a passport.

Unfortunately, when it comes to getting a passport, there are too many people who wait until the last possible minute. You can get a passport last minute in the event of an emergency, but most require at least a week or more to process. You will not be automatically granted a passport; you have to apply for one.

RFID Blocking Passport Holder

Almost anyone who applies for a passport is granted one, but planning ahead is the best option. If error is made on the information you supplied, you will have enough time to fix it before your cruise ship leaves.

The proper identification is needed to board a cruise ship. Your passport and your driver’s license are not the only forms of documentation that you should bring on board. If you are covered under a health insurance plan, you are encouraged to bring your health insurance cards. In the event you fall ill while on vacation, your insurance cards will allow you to obtain the needed medical attention.

In addition to your medical insurance cards, you should also bring along all of your needed medications. You may even want to consider bring along extra medication. Many doctors will write extra prescriptions for their patients who’re traveling on a cruise ship. If your medication is lost or misplaced, the extra prescriptions can be used until you return home.

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To pay for on board and port activities, you’ll need to bring along extra money. Vacationing aboard a cruise ship is similar to vacationing anywhere else in the world. You’re encouraged not to carry large sums of cash with you. If you must bring cash, divide your money up and put it in safe, separate locations.

Almost all cruise ships and popular cruise ship ports accept credit cards, cashiers checks, money orders, or traveler’s checks. These forms of payments are great alternatives to carrying cash.

When traveling aboard a cruise ship, give a copy of the cruise ship’s itinerary to multiple friends and family members. This will make it possible for someone to reach you in the event of an emergency.

When you’re registering for a cruise vacation, you might also be required to give the contact information of someone who should be contacted in case of an emergency.

Your first thought may be to give the contact information of your spouse, children, or a close friend, but it’s important to make sure that they will be on land and accessible.

Once you’ve made the above mentioned preparations, you can start focusing on other things, like packing that luggage.

When you’re packing, keep the climate of your cruise in mind. At the same time, be prepared for unexpected weather.

Bon Voyage!


9 Breezy Tips to Prepare for Your Cruise Vacation

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