9 Social Media Apps Every Blogger Should Be Using

Blogging is a cool way to express your creativity, and make some money while you’re at it. It’s also great that as a blogger, you can essentially get your work done from anywhere that has a decent wifi connection, with the help of a smart phone, and some kickass apps!

Apps let you work from your phone, anywhere you need to. I know that without them, my work would be much more difficult to do.

That said, these are the 9 social media apps that I think every blogger should have:

Instagram (obvi)

Instagram keeps us on top of what’s going on with our favorite brands and other bloggers, as well as allowing us to contribute to the digital conversation by allowing us to upload images on the fly.


Surprised? I’m not sure whether or not you’ve heard, if not, here’s some great news; Pinterest is an insane driver of traffic to your blog. I shit you not. But when you think about the viral nature of a “pin”, it totally makes sense. If you think that this platform is just for recipes and wedding planning, you’re totally missing out.


Now…I hesitated on adding Twitter to this list (I know…shock, right?), simply because I’m noticing that my engagement on this platform has reduced significantly, and I’m hearing the same from more than a few of you. If I’m going to be honest, I’d have to say that I get MUCH wider reach on Pinterest than I do on any other platform out there, Instagram included.

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When I do actually use Twitter, I rarely use the actual Twitter app to post. I schedule everything using Hootsuite, and I use the app because I can schedule what I need from absolutely anywhere.


Tailwind is the scheduler for Pinterest. Actually, it’s one of the platforms that you can use to schedule pins to Pinterest. The other is called Board Booster. Board Booster is a web based platform created to do the same thing that Tailwind does. Between the two though, I’d have to say that I found Tailwind to be much more user friendly, and it has an app that I can use on my phone. Board Booster doesn’t.


Now…I’ve heard that you can’t use this app for commercial purposes, so if you’re designing something for a client with this app, to be distributed commercially, that’s a definite ‘no no’. But it’s cool to use it for your own personal purposes.


You know how sometimes, someone else will post something that you just have to share? That’s what Repost is for.


This cool li’l tool does the same thing as Typorama, above. But it’s cool to use this for commercial purposes. I usually use this one on my laptop, but it’s nice to have the app when I’m not near the laptop.


Marketed as having “a marketing team in your pocket”, they’re not kidding. With this app, you created animated posts to your feed; you can add photos and/or text to your post, and customize the style. Basic and Pro versions available.


Debbie 🙂

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