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Best Black Friday 2018 Shopping Tips

Black Friday 2018 starts off the shopping for the Holiday Season, and it’s been said that the average person will easily spend about $1000 on gifts. Here are some of the Best Black Friday 2018 Shopping Tips.

That $1000 doesn’t include other holiday spending, like travel costs, food, decorations, and other incidentals. And while the holidays are the perfect time to spend with family and friends, all of that ‘additional’ spending can easily put you in debt if you don’t get ready for it.

According to a survey done by MagnifyMoney, Americans took on an average $1,000+ in 2017 Holiday spending, and that number is only growing as the years pass.

Put the Credit Cards Away

Putting your holiday spending on a credit card is an absolute ‘no no’ for a few reasons; first, because of the interest and finance charges you end up with if you can’t pay the credit card off when the bill comes. That hurts your credit score, your credit history, as well as your debt to income ratio, and much more. Secondly, I don’t know about you, but when I used to buy gifts on credit, I found myself spending more money per gift, than I would have if I’d simply spent cash. 

For most of us, the Holidays are about celebrating with the people we care about, not getting into debt. Going into debt for gifts and holiday events simply adds stress, and takes away from the true meaning of the Holiday season.

Let’s make Black Friday 2018 one that doesn’t include burying ourselves in debt for the sake of gift giving!

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Here are a few the Best Black Friday 2018 Shopping Tips for saving money this Holiday Season.

One of the Best Black Friday 2018 Shopping Tips, is to Make a Shopping Budget 

Before you make a list of all the things you want to buy for the holidays, you should set yourself a realistic Holiday budget. By ‘realistic’, I mean, don’t budget $10 per gift if you know that there’s no way you’re going to give (or find) gifts of any kind for $10. This only leads to frustration and disappointment, and being totally realistic will help you stay on top of your spending so that you don’t end up with a ton of unexpected Holiday debt.

I like to see how much money I already have set aside for the holidays, figure out how much I (realistically) think I’ll spend, and work out a strategy in order not to go over my spending budget.

Some things (besides gifts) that you should probably include in your Holiday budget would be:

  • Food
  • Holiday cards
  • Gift wrap
  • Gas (for the ride to those added trips to friends and family for get-togethers)
  • Holiday decorations

…and anything else you can think of.

Start by making a list of the people that you’ll be buying gifts for; the most important on your list might be kids, parents and immediate family members. Then add a list of any acquaintances that you’ll be purchasing gifts for, including teachers, babysitters, your mail carrier, dog walker, etc.

Then make a list of the events that you’ll be going to, any parties that you’ll be attending, any travel you expect to be doing, and work your way from there. Think about what you did last year, and calculate what you spent then. You should be able to use that as a guideline for this year’s budget.

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Save Money by Getting Creative, and Giving Smaller, More Thoughtful Gifts.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce an exorbitant gift giving budget, you might think about cutting back on the size of the gifts you give this Holiday Season.

Get creative in your gift giving, and put some real thought into the gifts that you give. Get out that notepad, and make a list of the people that you have to give gifts to, and think about what type of personalities they are. What do they like to do that you can contribute to, that won’t break the bank? Can you make something that someone on that list would love and cherish?

Only Use Cash for Holiday Shopping.

Another Best Black Friday 2018 Shopping Tips is to use cash wherever possible.

Like I said earlier, using credit to purchase gifts for the Holiday Season can easily see you spending much more money per gift than you would spend if you used any other form of ‘currency’. Spending actual, cold hard cash when gift giving has a tendency to make us aware of just how much we’re actually spending when we’re Holiday shopping.

Spending cash also helps to keep those impulse purchases at bay, and it can keep you from spending a fortune on those Black Friday deals.

There may be some things that you can’t buy with actual cash, like airline tickets, etc., but use common sense when it comes to those things.

Don’t Fall Those Black Friday “Deals”.

Most retailers, whether online or off, use sales to attract customers, and that doesn’t just happen on Black Friday. Suffice it to say that more than a few of those ‘deals’ aren’t deals at all.

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Some stores mark items up just before Black Friday, just so that they can be marked down to make the item, and its sale price look like a great deal. Do your research for what want to buy, so that you don’t get ‘taken’ in the fake sale racket.

Get Cash Back on Your Black Friday 2018 Shopping.

I get cash back on the majority of my purchases, and you can too! Sign up for a website like Ebates where you can get CASH BACK for spending online, and the service is free.

In addition, when you use this link to sign up, you’ll get an extra $10 cash back!

I love using Ebates when I shop online because I like getting money back for something that I’m doing anyway, and you can even use Ebates on Black Friday deals!

Another Best Black Friday 2018 Shopping Tips; Start Early.

The earlier you start shopping, the more money you’ll save, because you’ll be much more organized, and you won’t be in a huge hurry to get the ‘best deals’, buying cart loads of things you don’t need. It also means you’ll be able to shop the sales to find the actual best Black Friday deals.

Will you be spending more or less this Holiday Season? Do you have any Black Friday 2018 shopping tips you’d like to share?

Peace 🙂


Best Black Friday 2018 Shopping Tips

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