Best Halloween Makeup on Instagram

Best Halloween Makeup on Instagram. Kind of makes you think this is a total no-brainer, right? I mean, where ELSE would you look to find the best, most insane Halloween makeup ideas?

We went looking for the best Halloween makeup on Instagram. But in order to make this list, the makeup had to have the “Euw Factor”. What’s the “Euw Factor”, you ask?

The “Euw Factor” is that urge to let the word “Euw” flow from our lips when looking at the Halloween work of a particular makeup artist. If I said “Euw”, coupled with furrowed eyebrows while I was looking at it, that’s a good thing, and it made the list. If it made us say “wow…that looks real”, it also made the list 🙂

Suffice it to say, if the makeup that we were looking at got a physical reaction, one way or the other, it made the list.

Following is my list of the Best Halloween Makeup on Instagram (the ones with the best “Euw Factor”);


“Euuuuwwww Grossssss”.

Great Job 🙂





This reminds me of that Disney witch who gave Snow White the apple…






























Awesome makeup and video by@giuliannaa. There are a few Halloween makeup videos on this account. They’re all really cool.










Halloween is synonymous with rotting flesh, as illustrated by @melanieshine_mua below


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This is disturbingly good. Yuck.









For more awesome Halloween Makeup, check out my “Cool Halloween Makeup” board on Pinterest!

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