Best Newsletter Software for Lifestyle Bloggers

Best Newsletter Software for Lifestyle Bloggers

Best Newsletter Software for Lifestyle Bloggers.

I have a confession to make; I nearly switched newsletter providers today.

The switch was from the program that I currently use to stay in touch with my readers, to another popular newsletter provider.

Well…that’s not completely true. I kinda’ did switch.

I know…shame.

But wait! Hear me out! (or READ me out? 😉 )

Not because there’s anything wrong with the provider I was using.

That’s not it at all.

I got a bit of the “shiny new thing” bug, and went poking around for something ‘new and shiny’ to add to my blog(s).

I’ve seen this newsletter provider around, and know some bloggers who are affiliates of this company, so I decided to sign up for the free 14 day trial, honestly because their affiliate payment is higher, and recurring monthly.

This means that I’d receive a monthly payment in perpetuity, for everyone who signed up to use their service with my link.

Lots of other bloggers use them, and I wanted to see what all the ‘hubbub’ was about.

So I signed up for the 14 day trial.

But once I started setting up my forms, I quickly saw that MailMunch is far and away the Best Newsletter Software for Lifestyle Bloggers.

What I discovered, is that newsletter software is NOT all created equal.

The software that I was already using, MailMunch, is a MUCH better, sleeker, and less expensive platform.

Affiliate payment be damned. I didn’t like the ‘new’ software, and I don’t care that I’d make more money referring it.

Affiliate marketing isn’t always about how much money you can make. If I refer something to my audience that I don’t truly like, what does that make me?

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I’ve grown accustomed to sleeping well at night, and telling you to use software that I don’t use (or don’t truly believe is a better system than another), is just wrong.

That said, they say that when you start a blog, you should start growing your email list right from the start.

I believe in the power of email.

Email is the best way to stay in touch with those who’ve actually given you permission to do just that; stay in touch.

If you’re interested in making money with your blog, email will get you the best “bang for your buck”.

It converts better than any other platform.

Bar None.

Whether you’re creating a digital product or running an online store, stats have proven over and again that email yields higher conversion rates than other mediums…social media included.


Because email is personal.

When your readers sign up for an email newsletter, they do so for a reason.  And when you are transparent and personal with those subscribers, they’ll stay with you and buy from you over and over again.

I slipped off the wagon for a split second, only to be reminded that MailMunch makes the process of creating an email list super simple.

Most newsletter providers have a free trial period, but MailMunch has an actual level that’s completely free! So you can grow your subscriber base, and you won’t need to pay for newsletter software until you’re ready!

I started out with MailChimp (doesn’t everyone?) It’s a great platform for the blogger who’s just “getting their feet wet”.

MailChimp was great for me in the beginning, but past a certain point, I found it to be less than what I needed. Once your blog/readership starts to grow, you’ll need features that aren’t available on MailChimp.

In addition, there are no “levels” past which you’ll need to pay more for service. For instance, other platforms will charge you more per month (sometimes DOUBLE) past a certain number of subscribers.

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That’s not cool.

So, how do I use MailMunch?

Here’s how you can use MailMunch to help you grow and stay in touch with your email list;

  1. Sign up with a Plan: Use it FREE to start growing your list(s)


2. Create a Form.

You don’t have to be “Super Techy” to build great forms.

Did you see the form for the No BS Blogging Newsletter, that dropped down when you got here? It took me about 7 minutes to create that (AND I had to design the graphics in the iPhone image) 🙂

Go ahead and choose the free plan for now.

Once you’re inside, you’re going to click on “Template” choose which form template you’d like to use to collect subscriber information.

Once you’ve chosen your form, you can choose a form template.

(There are  TONS of other templates, including the ones below, to choose from once you grow your list.)

The forms are fully customizable, which means that you can design them to match your blog or website branding.

Follow the prompts, and in no time flat, you will have your first form created!

You can set up automations and sequences using MailMunch, that go out to your subscribers automatically.

Cool, right?

So what’s next?

Many bloggers would have you believe that all you have to do is create a freebie to grow your subscriber list. But growing your email list takes more than creating a freebie that no one sees.

Successful email list growth STILL boils down to TRAFFIC. And not just traffic, but RELEVANT traffic. If your beautiful blog is getting no TRAFFIC, your list won’t grow.

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So if you’re stressing about why your super slick freebie is getting no attention, there’s your answer.

MailMunch isn’t just the Best Newsletter Software for Lifestyle Bloggers. It’s also great for Mom Bloggers, Personal Finance Bloggers, etc.

Click Here to sign up for MailMunch.

Click Here to take the 14 Day Free Trial for that other company 😉

Peace 🙂


Best Newsletter Software for Lifestyle Bloggers

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