Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging Tips for Beginners; The most important rule for new bloggers

If you remember nothing else that you learn when it comes to starting a new blog, remember this; choosing a good hosting provider is THE most important thing that you’ll do in the blog building process. Period.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

The company that you choose to host your new blog should be able to manage any issue that might cross your path. When I first started out, all I was looking for was a decent host that wasn’t crazy expensive, and let’s face it, I know a LOT MORE about hosting providers now than I did then.

Anyway, I signed up with one that was very inexpensive, and the old saying “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here.  I was having all kinds of issues with blog downtime and email glitches (every time I used to set up a new email address for my blog, I’d have to call customer service because it wouldn’t receive mail) etc. It was a complete headache. Needless to say, I switched providers as soon as I could.

Of all the hosting companies out there, one of the names that you’ll see most often is Host Gator, who is the host I now proudly use for a few of my blogs. So now you might be wondering, “Deb…can I really trust this company?”

Let’s face it; a lot of the time, people exaggerate how great a product is just to cash in on the affiliate income. I can’t do that. While this post does contain affiliate links, my goal today isn’t just to persuade you to buy your hosting plan from Host Gator, but rather to help you understand the pros and cons of going with a sub par hosting provider, why I chose it, and whether or not it’s a good fit for you. I believe that my “job” is to HELP, not hinder. The end goal is for you to have the best hosting service for your blog needs, so that you can build a blog that lets you earn money like a ‘mofo’.

When you’re building a new blog, know that you’re going to bump into your fair share of issues (don’t shoot the messenger, it comes with the territory). Managing problems with your hosting provider is some mess that you don’t need on top of everything else (like I said, been there).

#1: Is Host Gator Affordable?

Web hosting prices can vary (obviously), and in most cases, you get what you pay for (refer above to my email glitching with the cheap hosting company). Host Gator pricing, in my opinion, is more than fair. I got my plan at a great price, and was able to lock in hosting for less than $4 a month. I’ve since had to upgrade to one of their more expensive plans since my traffic has improved substantially, but it’s still very affordable.

Think of it this way;  if you build your blog on (that is, not go with self-hosted, you’ll be paying $24 a month just so that you can actually make money with your blog!  How insane is that? The fact that you could get a self-hosted blog, get all the perks of having a self-hosted blog (and there are many, my friend) PLUS you get a free domain name, SSL certificate for a fraction of the cost, makes Host Gator a total no-brainer.

#2: Will I Get Good Support With Host Gator?

Now…I build blogs but I’m not what I’d call super tech-savvy. I find intricate tech stuff incredibly frustrating, so having good support is crucial to my sanity. I have to say, the support team at Host Gator is by far one of the best I’ve encountered. If you have a problem, no matter how big or small, they’re available to help you out via 24/7 live chat. And the best part? They make you feel like they genuinely care, which is rare in the “cold as ice” online customer service world.  I’ve had more than my fair share of ‘freaked out’ conversations with support over dopey things I’ve managed to mess up, and each time, they’ve handled it not only quickly/efficiently but also with a friendly attitude that made me feel like everything was going to be okay. The service is beyond stellar.

#3: Will Host Gator work with my WordPress Blog?

I use WordPress to manage all of my blogs, and compatibility with WP is extremely important to me (like many other bloggers).

I absolutely think that Host Gator offers really good hosting for WordPress. Like I said before, I was with another hosting provider (whose name shall not be spoken) when I first started blogging, and my site was constantly down. It drove me bananas. I’ve never had blog downtime with Host Gator and they have easy WordPress installation that only takes a click. It’s 100% goof-proof ;).


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