Doing This Cost Me MASSIVE Pinterest Traffic

Doing This Cost Me MASSIVE Pinterest Traffic

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I just got the shock of my life in my Pinterest account (not to mention Google Analytics).

I’ve kind of taken a step back from this blog for a week or so to work on other projects. But before I took that ‘break’, I decided to use Board Booster’s looping feature to keep my older pins fresh and rotating on Pinterest. So I headed over to Board Booster, and set that in motion, then la de da went about my business.

It was a mistake.

In the time that I was gone from my “regular gig”, something frightening happened (and I mean it scared the shit out of me…)

When I logged into Pinterest, and took a look at my analytics, I noticed a massive drop in Pinterest traffic. And by massive I mean a 65% reduction in traffic to the blog, and a 94% drop in average daily viewers to my Pinterest profile (NINETY FOUR PERCENT!!!) I nearly had heart failure. A 53% drop in average daily impressions…the shock continues. I noticed a sharp decline in Google analytics, but thought that some how I was looking at it wrong (duh).

I couldn’t figure out for the LIFE of me what I was doing wrong. And it’s really hard to think while you’re in a state of panic. My little blog is crashing and burning right before my very eyes.

The only thing that I did before stepping away (meaning, no pinning and no new posts), was set Board Booster to do it’s thing, and my traffic dropped like a friggin rock!

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So naturally, I go hunting for an answer to what the hell is going on, and I totally stumble onto this post from Italian Polish Mama, who apparently had the same thing happen to her, and in the post, she explains what she did to fix it.

Whew! To say that I’m kind of relieved that it happened to someone else would be a drastic understatement. It looks like the remedy to my problem is to UNDO the looping on Board Booster, and in addition, I made a couple of additional ‘tweaks’ to my Pinterest account (added a few boards, categorized them so that they made sense, etc.). I’ll let you know whether or not any of that helps.

Consequently, I read on a fairly regular basis, the Mommy on Purpose blog. Carly is the queen of Pinterest as far as I’m concerned (and probably a ton of other things that I’m not aware of, but Pinterest is my big concern right now). So if Carly says that I need to jump on the bed every evening to increase my Pinterest numbers, that’s what I’m gonna do. She’s an advocate of manual pinning, so manual pinning is where it’s at. I’m a manual pinning monster from this point forward, break or no break.

I’ll let you know if I notice any significant changes in the next week or so.

Peace 🙂