Dollar Store School Supplies You Should Buy

How to Get Super Cheap School Supplies

Ugh. I can’t tell you how the phrase “back to school” still makes me shudder. You can imagine (or if you’re reading this you probably know the pain first hand) what it costs to buy school supplies for three kids!

I’m a total fan of buying a lot of regular household items at the dollar store, but when I discovered that I could buy most of their school supplies at the dollar store, it took some of the sting out of back to school spending (notice I said ‘some’).

Here are just a few of the supplies your kids will need, that you can get at your local Dollar Tree 🙂

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3 Ring Binders

Lined Paper

Pencil Cases




Miscellaneous Push Pins, Paper Clips, etc. 



Glue Sticks


Spiral Notebooks

Protractor Sets

You’ll be amazed at how much you can save, buying your school supplies at your local dollar store. But a piece of advice; GET THERE EARLY! Don’t wait until late August to get this stuff, because deal or no deal, they do run out.

*Photos courtesy of Dollar Tree

Peace 🙂

Dollar Store School Supplies You Should Buy


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