Fall Favorites; Houndstooth Print

Fall is officially here, and with it come thoughts of my favorite sweaters, jackets and warmer dresses.

I love the cooler temperatures, the crisp air, and yes…I even like the rain, especially when I don’t absolutely have to leave the house 🙂

I’ve never really been a pattern person. Black is my ‘go to’ all the time, but the only actual pattern that I’ve ever been even remotely attracted to, is hounds tooth. I absolutely love it.

This Fall I want to update my wardrobe with accent pieces like a beautiful hounds tooth boots (I have a hounds tooth coat), and perhaps a hounds tooth handbag. At the same time I have been eyeing some decor items that would be absolutely perfect!

Take a look at some of my favorite finds. . .

The Hounds Tooth iPhone Case 🙂

(with my initial on it…naturally)

Hounds Tooth Cross Body Bag

I’d wear this, given the fact that my daily ‘uniform’ consists of nothing but black. It’d be a nice ‘pop’ of colour…sort of.

Hounds Tooth Bedding (LOVE it)

Now THIS is the boobies!! Granted…the ‘noise’ might keep me awake for the first little while (cuz yeah…it’s kinda loud), but once the lights are off…who can tell?? 😉

Houndstooth Hat

Cute. Again…I wear all black most of the time, so this could really work!

Houndstooth Dress


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