Helpful Stretches to Reduce Back Pain
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Helpful Stretches to Reduce Back Pain

Helpful Stretches to Reduce Back Pain.

I used to think that stretching my back would simply increase back pain. But stretching the back can actually minimize back pain. When you stretch the back, you promote healthy joints, muscles, bones, connective tissues, and so on.

Stretching exercises expand the muscles, which straightens them. Many types of stretch workouts recline and rest the back. When you do stretch workouts, you want to make sure that you perform the actions correctly, otherwise you can tear tissues, muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

Upper Back Stretches

  1. Stretch workouts include the back stretches. To stretch the upper back, start by standing straight. Grip your hands, joining them and extending them behind the back. Next, raise your hands up, out, and stretch as far as your body will allow. Count to five, lower with knees bent, then slowly stand up to your starting position, repeating the same action, counting to five.

2. Another Helpful Stretches to Reduce Back Pain, is to stand erect, and keep your feet at the length of your shoulders. Bend the knees somewhat and lock the fingers, raising the arms to the height of your shoulders. Push the arms ahead while avoid leaning backwards.

3. Next, stretch the lower back. Sit on the floor, or mat and place the hands at the side.

NOTE: This exercise should be avoided unless your doctor advises you otherwise if you have serious back injuries, or pain.

In position, lie flat on your back. Slightly lift the legs, extending them over your head. If possible, extend upwards and over your body until your toes are touching the ground surface behind you. Count to five.

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4. Now, lie flat on the floor, mat, etc and lift the upper region of the body. Keep your hands flat on the hard surface and use them for support. Keep the arms in a straight line, and stretch up slowly while lifting the chin and head.

If your back is hurting, you can also lie flat on a hard surface if your back will allow, and stretch your arms over your head as far as you can reach, while stretching the legs down and out also as far as you can reach.

Continue until you feel your muscles release.

Additional stretch exercises can help you reduce back pain, as well as avoid future back pain. Stretching workouts can help you avoid injuries as well. The workouts include side, ski, knee flexes, and so forth.

5.  The fifth Helpful Stretches to Reduce Back Pain, is for you to stand erect, and near a hard, supporting surface, such as a chair. Lift the leg at a right angle and support the leg with the chair. Hold and count to five, lower the leg and continue to the opposite side.

6. Next, perform the knee flexes. Lift your leg and place your foot on a hard surface, such as a chair. Keep the opposite leg straight and use it as support.

Hold the stance and count to ten. Lower the leg and continue to the opposite leg. Now do the ski. Stand straight. Extend one foot to the front and the other to the back. Lunge and gradually lower the weight of your body. Bend the front leg and rest your body weight on your hands. With the back leg straight and the heel lifted from the ground, count to ten and shift to the other leg.

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You can continue stretch exercises to minimize pain. The workouts to continue include groin stretches, hip rotation, gluteals, hamstring stretches and so on.

The more you stretch those muscles, the less pain you will feel. You should also stretch the quadriceps, calves, and so on to avoid injuries and back pain.

Peace 🙂


Helpful Stretches to Reduce Back Pain



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