How I Grew My Pinterest Account from 0 to 345K Monthly Viewers in Under a Month
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How I Grew My Pinterest Account from 0 to 345K+ Monthly Viewers in Under a Month!

I don’t generally ‘buy in’ to what most bloggers tell me…

I just don’t. I’m a skeptic by nature, and when I hear or read something that just sounds too good to be true, I’m out.

So when I heard that Pinterest was an insane driver of blog traffic, I naturally didn’t believe it.

Hearing it, was the first time I’d even thought about using Pinterest for anything but new loaf recipes (don’t judge. I love a tasty loaf of some type; banana, lemon, whatever, with a nice cup of tea).

So curious, I set up a Pinterest account for my biggest blog (She Loves Nice Things) and I set out to test it.

I started out with a clean analytics board in late June (sorry…I totally forgot to screenshot the starting board), but inside of a few days (June 26), it looked like this;

Then by June 28, it looked like this…

It kept growing in leaps and bounds, and I have to admit that I was obsessed with it once that line started to shoot upward.

So…I’m not going to upload all the screenshots from June 28 to now, but I WILL show you what it looks like right now (July 24)…

345,511 monthly viewers!! CRRRAAAAZYYYYY Right??? And it only took three weeks to get it to this point.

I’m dumbfounded. But I have to tell you that I had help in getting my Pinterest account to this point so quickly.

I started out pinning to my Pinterest boards as I usually did, but I felt like my numbers weren’t growing fast enough. So in my travels around the ‘www’, I stumbled onto a tool called Tailwind (I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now).

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What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest. But it’s more than that; not only does it let you schedule your pins (as every blogger should from time to time), but it also lets you utilize the sheer distribution power of something called “Tribes”.

What are “Tribes”?

Tribes are essentially like Pinterest group boards, with a bunch of different people pinning to and distributing from the same board to their own personal and group boards. So your pins spread like wildfire!

This is my most recent profile activity report for how my own pins are doing on Tailwind;

This means that 135 people have re-pinned my pins from Tailwind Tribes this week!

You know that Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes can do the same for you, right? 😉

So…my point is, that my next jump in Pinterest analytics is to 400,000 monthly viewers, and I’m STILL inside the one month mark!

My goal is to get to 1 million monthly views by the end of August, and I KNOW that I can do it, mostly because of Tailwind…seriously. I have no idea how this would be possible without it.

Consequently, I also went from 56 followers on Pinterest to 722 followers in that same month.

Nuts, right?

I use the Tailwind Plus plan to give my account unlimited Tribe memberships, and I think that’s the ‘secret sauce’ of this thing. I used to have the ‘regular’ Tailwind plan, but found that I was running out of Tribes AND pins long before the month was over. So I upgraded.

So…I have a gift for you! You get a free month of Tailwind Plus!

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Tailwind Plus is the plan that I started out with (I think it’s the plan that most people start out with, to get a feel for how it works). If you like it (and trust me…you will), you can always upgrade your plan to unlimited tribe memberships and unlimited pins.

CLICK HERE to get your free month of Tailwind, and give your Pinterest account super powers 🙂

Peace 🙂




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