How Should You Choose Which Affiliate Programs to Work With
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How Should You Choose Which Affiliate Programs to Work With?

If you’re blogging for more than pleasure or a need to pass the time, it’s likely that you’re using (or thinking about using) affiliate programs to monetize your blog. They’re a total no-brainer as far as monetization goes, and can dramatically boost your blogging income. If you’re going to write about something that you’re experienced with, why not get paid for it? The question at hand though is, How Should You Choose Which Affiliate Programs to Work With?

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How Should You Choose Which Affiliate Programs to Work With

There are a few factors that I consider when deciding which affiliate programs I want to work with. The first one is obvious; when I use, and am happy with a product or service, and I want to shout that from the rooftop, one of the first things I’ll do is check to see if that company has an affiliate program. If they do…all good. I’ll go ahead and sign up.

If that company does NOT have an affiliate program, no biggie. I’ll usually tell you all about the product or service anyway.

Anywho…here’s how should you choose which affiliate programs to work with 😉

The first consideration for how should you choose which affiliate programs to work with as I said before is, are you currently, or have you in the past used a product or service that you were happy with? If so, go to their website, and look for the word “affiliate” or “partners”, either at the bottom of the site, or somewhere in the top menu. Sometimes even “work with us” is an affiliate program link. Click on that and it should take you to the affiliate sign up form.

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The second way to choose which affiliate programs to work with, is by payment method. It’s definitely a factor for me anyway.

What do I mean “by payment method”? Let me elaborate.

If an affiliate program says that it pays by PayPal, I’ll usually pass. PayPal is notorious for randomly holding onto payments, and in their agreement it says that they have the “right” to do so for up to 180 days. I’m not interested in having some company put themselves between me and my money after I’ve worked my butt off to make it.

In addition, it’s happened to me before; I wrote a piece for a client who paid me a sizeable amount by PayPal, and PayPal put a ‘hold’ on that payment for 30 DAYS, with NO explanation! To say that I was ‘chapped’ is a rude understatement! In addition, it was near the beginning of my freelance writing career so to have anyone hold onto that kind of money was dire.

Lots of bloggers recommend signing up for a PayPal account to get paid by affiliate programs, but I refuse to use them. If you can afford to have PayPal willy nilly hold onto your money, go nuts. Sign up. But I don’t need the stress.

PayPal Sucks. And I’ll never use them again.

Affiliate programs need to find an alternate method of paying their affiliates. Period. It shouldn’t be PayPal or nothing.

Am I signed up to any affiliate programs that pay via PayPal? Probably. But that’s likely because I signed up to that program before the 30 day nightmare that they put me through, and haven’t gone back into the affiliate company’s system to check it. I think I’ll be going through my programs, and dropping the ones that pay by PayPal. No exceptions.

That said, ideally, the second thing that you want to consider when signing up for an affiliate program, is how and when you’ll be paid. Like I said, if you can avoid being paid by PayPal, do so at all costs.

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These are my payment considerations;

First payment choice; Direct deposit within a few days of the sale (which equates to a few dozen payments hitting your bank account every month, but it’s better than using PayPal).

Second payment choice; Direct deposit, and some companies will let you choose what day you want to get paid on; 1st of the month or the 15th.

Third payment choice; Cheque. Sure…your bank might hold the payment depending on it’s size, but wouldn’t you rather that your bank hold it, than PayPal? At least when your bank holds it, you know why they’re holding it!

How Should You Choose Which Affiliate Programs to Work With

The third consideration for How Should You Choose Which Affiliate Programs to Work With, is how much are you getting paid for your efforts? If you have to jump through digital rings of fire for .03 cents, it ain’t worth it.

There are some types of blogs whose affiliate programs tend to pay more (WAY more), so figuring out your payment amounts in that lane should be pretty easy (finance, mortgages, etc.). That’s not to say that the work is any easier, so keep that in mind.

Regardless, figure out what your time and digital space are worth, take a peek at your traffic levels, and pay attention to finding a payment level with your chosen affiliate program that’s agreeable to those factors.

And the last consideration for How Should You Choose Which Affiliate Programs to Work With, should be whether or not you can reasonably write about the affiliate company’s products honestly. If you’re not being honest, your readers will know it, and they’ll flee from you and your blog like a nasty disease. You don’t want that. In addition, there’s already so much deception on the web, why add more? It’s so much easier to just be honest, and your readers will trust your recommendations.

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Well that’s about it for now on “How Should You Choose Which Affiliate Programs to Work With”. I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out 🙂

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