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How to Arm Knit a Super Chunky Blanket

Super chunky blankets are everything these days. Every time you turn around, you’re seeing one in a store display, or on TV somewhere. Those blankets can easily cost a couple hundred dollars to buy, but here’s how to arm knit a super chunky blanket of your own for much (much less)!

One of the best ways to arm knit a super chunky blanket for less, is to wait until your favorite craft supply store has a sale on the type of yarn that you need, as the yarn for super chunky blankets is typically very expensive.

Michael’s often has 50% off coupons for one item, so I generally wait for these coupons to land in my email before heading over there 🙂

These blankets very often retail for upwards of $200. Making your very own is super quick and super easy! Once you find the weight and color of yarn that suits your needs, you’re well on your way. You could even whip up a few for friends, family and others, as they make great gifts, as well as creating a side hustle to make some extra cash!

The tutorial below is a great way to quickly learn how to arm knit a super chunky blanket. It’s one of the best that I’ve found, and it’s super easy to follow! (Even though she’s speaking French, there are subtitles at the bottom of the video, and visually speaking, french or no french, this was STILL the most clear tutorial out there! LOL!)

 Video courtesy of Super Comfy

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