how to manifest anything you want

Here’s How to Manifest Anything You Want

How to Manifest Anything You WantHere’s How to Manifest Anything You Want.

I know that this sounds really ‘hippy dippy’, but we’ve heard a lot of success stories about those who chase and achieve their dreams as if at will.

It seems like they just make stuff happen the way they want, anytime they want. You probably get annoyed when you fall short of your goals or your dreams, but it only requires a few strategic steps to be able to manifest anything you want.

My New Place

Three years ago, I moved from one city to another, and was living temporarily with my daughter. When the time came to start thinking about moving out, I had a clear idea of what I wanted for my own place.

I wanted it to be black, white and grey in color, I didn’t want carpet, it had to have stainless steel appliances, and one bedroom. Oh…and it also had to have a great view 🙂

A couple of weeks later, I was browsing the classified ads, looking for my ‘perfect place’ when one of the ads jumped out at me. I clicked on it, and saw that it contained an interior picture of the place that was available. It was nice, but when I read the description I just had to call.

Long story short, the place was (and is) one bedroom, has grey flooring, white and grey walls with black glass tile back splash in the kitchen,  it has no carpeting (except for a grey area rug that I put in), it has stainless steel appliances, and yes…it has a fantastic view 🙂

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I absolutely LOVE my new place, and I KNOW beyond a shadow of ANY doubt that I got exactly what I asked for, because I ASKED. It still makes me all tingly 🙂


Know Exactly What You Want

You don’t get what you don’t ask for. So it’s extremely important for you to know exactly what you want, and put it into words. Most people struggle with having a clear picture of what they want.

You can’t manifest anything into your life if you can’t picture what you want.

For example, I knew exactly what I wanted in my place to live, I spoke the exact description, and that’s what showed up.

If you’re planning on buying a car and you have no idea what you want in the car, right down to cloth or black leather interior, how do you expect the Universe to know?

“Ask and Ye Shall Receive”

Now that you have a clear picture of what you want, the next step is to ask for it from the universe. Have faith that what you’ve asked for is coming. Praying is one key way on how you could ask help from the universe. You’ve got to keep communicating with the universe to make sure that the message is clear enough to picture your requirement.

Prayers, vision board, meditations, and visualization are key components of this process involved with the universe.

Work hard

You can’t just ask for something, then sit on your ass and wait for it to fall into your lap. When I asked for my condo, I asked, then went looking for it, and it literally swerved into my path.

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You have to ask, and be committed to finding it. What you’re really asking for, is that God and Her Universe show you where you should look to find what you’re asking for. It should be noted that working for a certain goal will in addition, gain you tons of experience, and it could be helpful in getting you future work as well.

You should do lots of reading to discover efficient routes to reach your target. Online articles and blogs could come in handy in discovering those methods.

Be Positive. No Exceptions

Have a positive outlook about your future goals and achievements. Motivate yourself by adding some inspiring songs and talks or speeches to your environment (TED Talk is great for that). Listen to them when you are going to sleep. Wake up with a positive feeling every day and convert that positivity into reality.

Make every aspect of your life resonate with that desire

If success in business is what you’re after, start using strong and powerful words when you talk business. Make sure that your vocabulary is loaded with heavy words to facilitate your path to success. Remove failure from the equation and don’t even bother about adding failure to the equation again. Make full use of your free-time and do some reading. Learn about pros who have mastered the power of the mind. Gang up with people who have a positive attitude towards life and get rid of the people carrying negativity forward in life.

Are you tired of the confusion that you’re feeling about manifesting your own best life?

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Have an awesome week.

Peace 🙂


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