How to Post to Your WordPress Blog on the Go

I have a ‘sickness’. I write for this blog (and a couple of others), and I get the impulse to write multiple times a day more often than not. Even when I’ve closed my laptop for the day, that thing might only stay closed for a couple of hours, before it starts calling my name. The problem with that, is that if I decide that I’m gonna sneak in some more writing, I have to crack open my laptop again, and that’s a commitment.

But some time ago, I downloaded the WordPress app from the App Store so that I could check my blog stats on the fly. Now, it was surprising enough to find that I could check my WordPress.Org blog on the app that looks a lot like

There are great ideas for content everywhere, and the WordPress app allows us to run our blogs from anywhere.

You can take photos, record and upload video, or write quick posts on your commute. The WordPress app lets you take your blog anywhere.

The WordPress app is super easy to use. The formatting buttons make it simple to write posts on your touch devices in much the same way that you would on your laptop or desktop.

On the flip, you can open your WordPress admin area in a mobile browser, but the WordPress admin area doesn’t have an optimal interface for smaller screens. The WordPress app is made for handheld devices so the interface is designed to be more touch and small-screen friendly.


WordPress App for iOS devices is available for free from itunes store. After installing the WordPress app, sign in using your WordPress site’s username, password, and provide your website URL. The iOS App will connect to your WordPress website and retrieve your blog posts, etc.

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Writing a post in the WordPress app is simple. Just tap on the “add” icon next to posts and start writing. The post editor in WordPress app has a neat interface that allows you to easily type on your mobile device. The keyboard on the post edit area allows you to do some basic formatting and add links. You can also upload media and other files by taping on the attachment icon.

Each post you write or edit in WordPress app for has a settings button at the top right corner (the 3 dots). There you can choose a post status, set visibility, add a featured image, etc.


You can read, edit and approve comments right from the WordPress app. It lets you moderate and approve comments on the go (even makes a cool sound when it notifies you of new comments). So even when you’re not at your desk, you can always be part of the discussion on your blog.

*I wrote this entire post on the WordPress app with my iPhone 🙂

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