How to Re-Use Your Nespresso Capsules
Save Money

How to Save Money On Nespresso Capsules

This post will help you save money on Nespresso capsules.

Let me preface this post by saying that I LOVE my Nespresso machine. Not ‘like’. to save money on your nespresso capsules

Coffee machines that use those disposable ‘pods’ or capsules have been super popular over the last few years. I love my Nespresso machine, because I don’t like making a whole pot of coffee for one person.

I also love the fact that I can get my coffee in different flavors, by simply buying different flavored capsules.

In addition, we’re all looking for ways to reduce the amount of trash being added to our landfills. 

I cringe when I see how many capsules I used to throw away, simply because they can’t be re-used. 

Or CAN they?

I found something super cool when thinking about how on Earth I could re-use my Nespresso capsules. I decided to do a search, and where better to do that search, than Amazon?

So in my search, I found these aluminum ‘lids’ for Nespresso capsules! They’re super easy to use, and they’ll help us put much less trash into our nation’s landfills.

Here’s how they work;

Once you’ve used the capsule, take it out of the side compartment that it drops into on your Nespresso machine. You’ll see that the lid has a circle of holes in it. You’ll also find that this lid is soft, like aluminum foil.

Use a pair of scissors to cut through the lid, and peel it off of the capsule. Now you have a capsule that’s still full of used coffee.

You can save the used coffee grounds to do many things with; like fertilize your garden, remove fleas from your pet, or it also makes a great natural cleaning scrub.

Use a pair of scissors to cut through the original lid with holes. Remove the coffee inside.

Rinse out the empty capsule and dry it with a clean paper towel.

Once you have a clean and empty Nespresso capsule, take out your favorite ground coffee. Fill the empty capsule with the new coffee. It typically holds about a tablespoon and a half, maybe a little bit more. 

Open the new aluminum lid package, and pull out a sheet of lids (they come on sheets of two or nine depending on the machine).

Remove one lid from the paper that it’s attached to. You’ll find that it’s sticky around the outside. This is so that it adheres to the round edge of the Nespresso capsule. 

Apply the lid that you just removed from the sheet to the top of the capsule. I found it easier to use my thumbs to gage that it’s even all the way around the top. Once you’re satisfied that the lid is even, stick it down and fold the edges around the top of the capsule.

Make sure that there are no openings, or your coffee will spill out over the sides as it’s being made. 

Once you’re satisfied that the new lid is on nice and tight, put your ‘new’ capsule into your machine, and start it up!

You’ll probably find (like I did) that this ‘new coffee’ is also very tasty! 

There are aluminum lids for both types of Nespresso capsule. I have the Vertuoline machine and it takes these capsules, but the Original machine takes these capsules

There are also a few ways to customize each cup of coffee if you like something flavored 🙂 

What I like to do, is wait until all of the pods (capsules) are empty, and refill them all at the same time. Then I re-load the capsule storage drawer with the newly filled capsules!

This is one of my favorite ways to save money, and customize my coffee at the same time!


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