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How to Silently Snoop on Your Blogging Competitors

In the publishing/blogging game, we like to think that we’re doing all we can to help shorten the learning curve for those who’re trying to do what we write about.

But in the blogging ‘environment’ we always want to know how our “competition” is doing…right? I mean, c’mon…we’re all human! If I’m thinking about writing a post on a particular topic, but am curious about what kind of results others are getting with posts like this, I’ll take measures to figure that out.

We all have one or two bloggers that we follow. We do that for any number of reasons; I do it because there are some bloggers whose writing I really enjoy, and I do it because I’m flat out nosey. Don’t hate. You’re just as nosey as I am, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Anywho…in the case of those big bloggers who post those incredible income reports month after month, don’t you ever wonder just how they came about those numbers? I’ve heard some bloggers say that you “shouldn’t worry about ‘traffic’” when it comes to blogging. And to that I say, “Get atta herrrrrre!” If you don’t have traffic, at the very least, no one’s reading what you write. And at most, you make no money…period. I don’t care why you started blogging, eventually you start looking around and you go “wait a second; there are people doing exactly what I do, but they don’t have to have another JOB to survive!” Shocker!

Let’s admit that for some of us, blogging started out as a hobby; whether we were going through something in our lives, or if we just happen to be particularly good at doing something that we could teach others. It very likely started out as a hobby. But there comes a time when that blog shows potential of ‘graduating’ from “hobby” to Full Time Gig. That’s when you look at others, and wonder how they’re doing what they’re doing, in order to make the leap from one to the other for your own blog.

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With that in mind, I use a tool that lets me “snoop” on the progress of others. It’s a way to see which posts are doing the best, getting the most traction, and where that traction is coming from.

Once you’ve tried it, it will literally show you where you should be pouring your energy when it comes to the topics you choose, and where you go looking for traffic. Period.

I ramped up my Pinterest presence once I took a look at the kind of traffic some of my “competitors” were getting from that platform. As a result, my own traffic quadrupled!

This tool is something that I think every blogger should have in their arsenal of blogging tools. It didn’t make me write the same kind of posts as some of the bloggers that I ‘watch’, but it really helped amp up my traffic, because of what it told me about where their traffic was coming from, as well as a million other things.

The tool is called BuzzSumo, and it’s leaps and bounds ahead of anything else that’s supposed to do the same job. It’s visually simple, giving you the information that you want without a ton of ‘fiddling’.

BuzzSumo has a trial period, in which I’m sure you’ll decide that you can’t live without it.

Head over and try it! You won’t regret it 🙂




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  1. HC says:

    The price isn’t worth it. I also want to know how many pageviews they get not just shares. Shared really means nothing.

    1. She Loves Nice Things says:

      I agree, and I disagree. Yes…you’re absolutely right, it IS pricey, but whether it’s “worth it” or not is subjective. And as far as shares goes, sure…a few shares might not mean much, but when you’re climbing into shares by the thousands and tens of thousands, that can definitely add up to some significant pageviews.

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