I Tried the Red Tea Detox Program. This is What I Found

I Tried the Red Tea Detox Program. This is What I Found

I bought the Red Tea Detox program, so this review is based on my actual experience with it. Hopefully it’ll answer any questions you might have about the plan.

Let me start by saying that I can be a bit of a skeptic…with just about everything. Doesn’t matter what it is, or who it came from, I’m not buying in until I know without a shadow of a doubt that it does what it says it does. (I know…I can be a bit of a hard ass.) Generally, someone I know has to try it, and like it before I’ll try it.

So first, I’ll tell you that because I’m a blogger, I found that I’m sitting on my ass for much of the day, unless I actually make an effort to get to the gym. That doesn’t happen nearly as much as I’d like, so I started looking for some way to minimize the weight that sitting all day was (not surprisingly) adding to my 5’3″ frame.

The Red Tea Detox is supposed to be a bit of a challenging detox diet, that requires some self discipline if you want the results that it promises (and I’m not really a disciplined person, I should say that up front as well).

That said I was actually curious about the Red Tea aspect of this thing, so I thought it might be worth checking out for that part alone.

Now, some background on the tea; 

The Red Tea Detox came to be after Liz Swann Miller was recovering from the birth of her second child. She found that she was overweight, addicted to diet soda and caffeine, and regularly bingeing on junk food.

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On a trip to Africa, Liz came across a red tea that the locals were drinking to keep themselves slim. After much persuasion, Liz was able to convince the locals to let her take the recipe back with her to America to test it.

The combination of the ingredients in the tea allowed Liz to drop 41 pounds in just a few weeks. Further tests showed that other people were able to lose up to 50 pounds just from drinking this tea a couple of times a day! Liz decided to combine this “red tea” recipe into a book that teaches people how to make it, and when to drink it.

So…back to me. I bought the program. Primarily because there’s so much hoopla about it online, that I figured…MEH…what the hell.

Well…I didn’t lose as much weight as Liz did, but I can’t complain about the weight I did lose.

I started drinking the tea as instructed, twice a day about a month ago, and two weeks after I’d started it, I’d lost 8 lbs. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything easier (and I’m not a ‘tea person’ btw).

My daughter is always telling me not to be such a cynic, but that’s just who I am. This tea though…is really impressive! It’s actually not nearly as difficult as I thought it might be.

If you’re trying to lose weight, and you’ve tried everything else (or you’ve tried nothing else, but are curious about this) you should try the Red Tea Detox Program.

What’ve you got to lose? Except the weight that you wanna drop anyway 😉

CLICK HERE to check out the Red Tea Detox Program.

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Peace 🙂

I Tried the Red Tea Detox Program. This is What I Found


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