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5 Keto Pizza Recipes That’ll Make You Happy You’re on a Diet

No matter how I decide to manage my weight, there are two things that I can’t completely eliminate from my diet; bread and pizza.

If you can’t live without pizza either, I found some really awesome Keto pizza recipes that’ll make you completely forget you’re on a diet 🙂

Fathead Crust Pizza

Photo courtesy of Headbanger’s Kitchen

This delicious “fathead pizza dough” is from the Headbanger’s Kitchen, and it rolls out super thin, crisps up beautifully and is the perfect vehicle for all manner of toppings. One tip from the creator though; eat it HOT.

CLICK HERE for the Fathead Pizza Crust recipe

Low Carb Keto Pizza

Photo courtesy of Tasteaholics

The crust for this delicious pizza is great because it’s low carb and has it’s own amazing flavors from the spices, making the pizza even more unique.

CLICK HERE to get the recipe for this scrumptious pizza!

Chicken Bacon and Artichoke Keto Pizza

Doesn’t this pizza look AMAAAYYYYZING???

Photo courtesy of Our Paleo Life

This pizza comes together very quick, and the crust is just a few simple ingredients that you mix up and press into shape. A slice or two is more than enough to fill you up and keep you satisfied for the evening 🙂

CLICK HERE to get the recipe for this delicious pizza!

The Best Keto Pizza

Photo courtesy of Low Carb Spark

This low carb pizza with fathead dough crust is so similar to the classic pizza, and it’s made without any wheat flours! You won’t be able to taste the difference between this gluten-free pizza and the ‘real’ thing!

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Grab the recipe for this amazing pizza HERE

Keto (Low Carb) Pizza Pops

The store bought pizza pops are so full of carbs and are just generally bad for you. So here are  some Keto pizza pops created using fathead dough 🙂

Photo courtesy of The Hungry Elephant

CLICK HERE to grab the recipe for these delicious Keto treats!


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