Learn Almost Anything From a Celebrity

I never was a good student. Let me rephrase; I was an ‘OK’ student, but I never liked school. Maybe it was because I’m somewhat of an introvert, and being in a crowded space everyday made me koo koo. Maybe it’s because I never could figure out what in the hell I’d ever do with trigonometry, so learning it felt like a complete waste of time.

The two loves of my life (besides my children) are fashion and writing. So once I graduated high school, I moved to Toronto to take a Fashion Design program. I loved it. I love fashion. I love design. I love being creative. I love it all. Once design school ended however, I didn’t end up actually going into design. Life and family came calling, and though I’m ecstatic with my amazingly beautiful family; kids, life, etc., and even though my life was completely full, I was still missing the touch of vibrant fabrics and I missed the anticipation of turning those fabrics into glamorous things.

As an adult, I’ve found that I’m exactly the opposite of my ‘school hating’ teen aged self. As an adult, I have this ‘never stop learning’ attitude, and a serious thirst to learn everything I possibly can about anything and everything. I can’t say that I’m looking to go “back to school”, but I’ve wanted to get back into fashion in some form, and I had no idea exactly what that would look like.

I had also been tinkering with script writing, and I actually did find a screenwriting course by way of a continuing ed program, but that wasn’t nearly what I wanted.

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One day, I was browsing Facebook and an ad for Masterclass popped into my feed. It was a video for a “Writing for Television” class being given by Shonda Rhimes. This was amazing! This woman is a dynamo, and here she was teaching a video class on writing! I wanted to take this class!

And so I did ๐Ÿ™‚ But that class only made my thirst for learning even stronger, and now I didn’t want to learn just any old way. I want to learn from the best at their craft! So I decided to take more classes.

I poked around on the Masterclass website, remembering that I’d seen a class by Christina Aguilera. I wanted to take it, but I’m not that brave ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve since taken 3 more classes, and I’ve loved them all. For my next one, I might step right outside my creative box and take Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking Class. I love Gordon Ramsay, but I don’t typically enjoy cooking. Maybe he can change that ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you’ve got a thirst to get your “learnin’ on” like I did (and do), what’re you waiting for?! Masterclass has the class you’ve been looking for, and it’s being taught by one of your favorite celebrities!

You can even give a Masterclass as a gift. Cool right?

The classes aren’t even expensive; about $120 for 20 video classes. You could pay that for 5 classes anywhere else!

The classes include (click on the course title for details):

Gordon Ramsey teaches Cooking

Martin Scorcese teaches Filmmaking

Spike Lee teaches Filmmaking

Stephen Curry teaches Basketball

Christina Aguilera teaches Singing

Annie Leibovitz teaches Photography

Wolfgang Puck teaches Cooking

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Marc Jacobs teaches Fashion Design

Diane Von Furstenberg teaches Building a Fashion Brand

Ron Howard teaches Direction

Helen Mirren teaches Acting

Steve Martin teaches Comedy

R.L. Stine teaches Writing for Young Audiences

DeadMau5 teaches Electronic Music Production

Armin Van Buuren teaches Dance Music

James Patterson teaches Writing

Herbie Hancock teaches Jazz

Garry Kasparov teaches Chess

For a complete class list, CLICK HERE

Happy Learning! ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace xo



Learn Almost Anything From a Celebrity

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