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Looking for a Side Gig? 7 Great Ways to Make Money From Home

After having worked at just about every kind of horrible job you can imagine, I am all about making money from home, in every way that doesn’t require me to be naked in front of a camera (don’t send me hate if that’s what you do, it’s just not for me).

That said, whether you like the idea of working in your pajamas, or setting your own schedule, there are plenty of legit options to look into. In fact, I’ve found quite a few posts that show you exactly how to make money from home.

When you make money from home, it doesn’t just have to be from just one source. You can mix and match what interests you when learning how you can work from home. There are many options ranging from watching movies to being a virtual assistant.

I’ve gotta tell you that one of my favorite sites is the Penny Hoarder. Back in the day when I was hunting down side gigs, this site was one of my first ‘go to’s’ for ideas of just about any kind of money making idea you can think of.

Freelance Writing for Parents – If you’re a parent, and a writer looking to make some extra cash, this could be for you.

Got lots of junk? 

Set up shop in your garage and get rid of a few things!

Paid Surveys – I know, I know. Most of these sites are pure crap, but the Penny Hoarder has a list of some that’re actually legit.

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Wanna be a Human Billboard?  Word on the street is that there are companies who’ll actually pay you to walk around densely populated areas with a tablet displaying a message attached to your back.


Customer Service from Home (US Based) – You can essentially choose your schedule in this full time, work from home position. A great opportunity for a very reputable company if you live in the US.

Drive for Lyft – Drivers in some cities earn $750 a week!


Become a Night Nanny – Not interested in sleeping much? Why not help out parents of newborns? You could make $150- $200 a night.


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