5 ways to get luxury travel on a budget

5 Ways to get Luxury Travel on a Budget

Don’t we all wish that we could travel to faraway parts unknown, in the lap of luxury?

If you feel like there’s no way you could possibly afford luxury travel, think again. There are some awesome travel hacks out there that make traveling in style a tad easier.

If you’re looking for ‘champagne travel on a beer budget’, here are a few tips to help get you there!

Prioritize Your Luxury Experiences

Before you set out to make your dream vacay a reality, figure out which parts of the trip are parts that you can ‘afford’ to skip. If ‘high star’ hotels are where you want to spend most of your money and don’t care so much about transportation, high star hotels are going to be high on your list or priorities.

If the coveted part of your ‘dream vacay’ is eating the finest foods, and you’re not overly concerned about where you stay, then food is where you’d prioritize your trip money. Be realistic about what means more to you, and the trip will be that much more enjoyable!

If you’re traveling with someone who doesn’t have the same priorities as you do, you might have to make some compromises in the planning. Regardless, think of this as an opportunity to try some incredible experiences that you might not have done otherwise.

Look for Error Fares

“Error fares” are like little like random pots of gold at the end of the internet rainbow! An ‘error fare’ is a technical glitch or human error that will sometimes show up online for significantly less than the regular price.

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If you’re one of those people who isn’t particularly picky about where he/she goes, this could work for you.

Some great websites for error fares are AirfareWatchDog and Travel Pirates. Both provide awesome discounts, however, the first caters to domestic travel, but Travel Pirates has deals from all over the world. Sign up for their newsletters to get info on error fares and cheaper flights ASAP!

Try your Luck with Travel Auction Sites

There are even websites that auction upscale luxury vacation packages. A great one that comes to mind is Luxury Link. Online since 1997, Luxury Link is the original and best-known vacation auction and discount sales site.

Travel in the Off Season

Every location has it’s peak season, and it’s off season. The off season is when there are less people traveling during the year. In Europe, the off season is January-March. In Southeast Asia and certain parts of Africa the off season is May-September.

But in the Caribbean, the off season is usually April-August. If you travel during these times, you’re saving money on the whole kit n’ kaboodle; flights, hotels and food!

You might be sacrificing great weather by traveling during in the off season, but you’ll be blown away by how much money you save.

Some hotels in Southeast Asia and Europe will give you as much as 50% off if you travel during the off season. Just remember to do your research on destinations, so that it’s not hurricane season at your destination, and pack accordingly.

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Points, Baby!

Regardless of how you choose to get to your luxury destination, redeeming those points that you’ve spent the last God knows how long collecting is still the best way to go! You can collect points through newsletters, credit cards, dining rewards and various web portals, and spend it all travelling around the world.

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