So you've built your dream blog. 



You're diligently posting to that blog, and you're sharing your posts on every social

media channel you can think of.

You've even set up every kind of analytics tool recommended. 


You've read more than your fair share of 'income reports' from those 'big bloggers' who make thousands of dollars a month with their blogs, but you're not seeing even a trickle of traffic, and you're starting to get discouraged. 


Posting more often isn't helping, and you're completely out of ideas. 

You've even emailed your entire contact list...twice.


You've built it, but they're STILL not coming. 


What's the deal??


My name is Debbie, and I'm the blogger behind the She Loves Nice Things blog (and a couple of others). 


Unfortunately, getting traffic to a new blog isn't as simple as it used to be; back in the day, all you had to do was load your posts to your company Facebook page, or your Twitter feed and BOOM!



But those days are long gone my friend.


Now if you don't spend a small fortune on ads to promote your content, no one's going to see it. 

Or ARE they?

Not that long ago, I was EXACTLY where you are. 


I had a newly built blog that was getting absolutely no traffic.

None. Nada. 


It was soul-crushing.


Frustrated and broke, I gave up. 


I stopped posting, and I walked away from the thing that I loved, all because of a lack of traffic. 


A lack of traffic can break a new blog. 


A lack of traffic can break a new blog owner.


I used to use Pinterest for pleasure; hunting for new recipes to placate my sweet tooth ;)


That is, until I discovered that Pinterest is a traffic driving dynamo!


Once I started using Pinterest to generate blog traffic, not only did my Pinterest views climbed from 0 to 345K+ monthly views in under a month, but my actual blog traffic followed, growing from 0 to 50K+ page views a month within 3 months of implementing my Pinterest plan.


 This is what actually happened once it took off...


So I wanted to share how I did it :)


So I created




 Because Pinterest isn't just for arts, crafts and wedding planning. 




Like I said above, you don't need to pay Facebook your hard earned money to get people to see your posts, you can simply post on Pinterest for free with the same chances of being seen as if you'd paid for it.


Who is this course for?

This course is for the new(ish) blogger, and the beginner Pinterest user. 


Pinterest Traffic School is the course that you want to take if you've got a relatively new blog, and you want to start getting traffic. 


Here's what you'll learn...

  • Setting up your Pinterest account

  • Keywords, keywords, keywords!

  • Setting up your boards

  • Creating pins that POP! 

  • Scheduling your pins

  • Manual vs. Scheduled Pinning

  • The Power of the "Tribe"

  • Using Pinterest to grow your email list

...and much more!


Pinterest Traffic School commences in early 2019, but you can sign up below to be notified when it goes live!


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