Setting Goals for 2018; Are You Ready?

Yeah. I said it; “Setting goals for 2018”.

It’s only October, but my brain has already leapt forward three months into 2018. I can’t believe how quickly 2017 whipped by me. Feels like Christmas was just yesterday, and here we are again, right on top of another Holiday Season.

This was the year that I decided that I’d finally start doing what I love for a living. I love writing, but I used to say that I loved the result of what I write, but wasn’t fond of the actual process. As it turns out, I’m loving the process, and am madly in love with the result.

This isn’t my first foray into blogging. I started blogging years ago, but as is common with anyone who tries to make a go of it online, “life got in the way” and I put it aside out of frustration, and to pursue more serious endeavors, namely, anything that would allow me to pay my bills. I know you can relate.

That led me into what most would call a “real job”; a job that had me working for a big corporation, and hating every second of it. Dealing with humans who were difficult and unreasonable (among other things), for the simple sake of the fact that I have bills to pay. If there’s one thing that wears on one’s soul, it’s having to do something simply to pay the bills, and we’ve all done it.

But this is a new day! Doing what I actually love to do is starting to pay off in terms of simply loving what I do, and it’s time to set some big goals.

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For me, those goals include  the task of growing this blog in leaps and bounds; giving my readers exactly what they want to indulge in when they type the blog name into the address bar (or hopefully, find me on page one of a Google search).

Other goals include, reminding myself to live completely in the moment. I have a tendency to worry about ‘what happens tomorrow’ or next week, and I’m feeling like I put ‘stress’ on today by worrying about the future. I’m truly working on putting an end to that.

This is my ‘goal setting weekend’.

What about you? What big goals are you ready to set for 2018?

Peace 🙂


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