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Should You Have a Facebook Page for Your Blog?

Should You Have a Facebook Page for Your Blog

Imagine for a moment that you’re an avid gardener, and you’re looking to purchase a new home.

You’re excited to set out on your search, and after some time, you find the home of your dreams, complete with a rolling, expansive landscape, that you can plant your fabulous garden on.

You’re super excited at the thought of bringing all of your beautiful vegetable seeds to this new place, getting your hands into the soil, planting your awesome garden and watching your hard labor come to fruition.

But there’s a catch; you’re free to purchase the house, but the land around it cannot be planted on unless a separate ‘planting fee’ is paid, and this fee is to be negotiated at the time of planting, with each seed that you plant. That ‘planting fee’ could be $1, or it could be $10,000.

In addition, everything that you grow in that garden, you have to turn over to the landlord at the time of harvesting.

Would you still want the house?

Why, or why not?

When you build a Facebook page for your blog or business, you’re essentially buying that house with the garden that you can’t plant on, unless you bring all of your own seeds, and pay a fee to plant them. In addition, that harvest (your audience) doesn’t ‘belong’ to you. It belongs to Facebook, as the owner of the garden.

You’re building the garden; tending to the soil, getting it ready to grow some fabulous, delicious fruit and vegetables, and then when you ready to lay down those seeds, the garden landlord says “Wait a second. Remember our deal?”

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This ‘house and garden’ is the equivalent of building and growing a Facebook page for your blog or business.

I own 7 blogs, none of which have Facebook pages. Let me clarify; none of my blogs have Facebook pages that have any ‘fans’, because I didn’t want to buy a house (or 7 houses), with gardens that I couldn’t plant on unless I gave the landlord (in this case, Facebook) my ‘harvest’ after planting my garden (my readers) on it.

Are you following me?

I don’t want to plant on a foundation that I don’t own.

There’s so much hubbub about Facebook advertising, that most people don’t realize that you don’t need to have a Facebook page with thousands of ‘fans’ to advertise on it.

There are two ways to get your readers to your Facebook page; by simply asking them to go ‘like’ it, or you can advertise on Facebook, with the goal of the ads being page promotion. Either way, you’re expending time, effort and money to bring more people to the Facebook platform, so that you can spend MORE MONEY for Facebook to essentially give those users access to your work.

It’s freaking genius.

And most people, even some so called “experts” have bought right in! They’ve even convinced you that it’s the best thing for your business!

Now…let me say something right up front; I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use Facebook to advertise your business or your blog. I AM saying, that you don’t need to essentially ‘waste’ your time and energy building out a whole community on that platform because you think they’ll see your posts once you do.

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They won’t see a damn thing that you post, unless you pay Facebook (the landlord) to essentially remove the ‘block’ that they’ve placed between you and your readers / customers, by ‘boosting’ those posts.

In addition, you bring your readers to the platform, and you don’t have access to their email addresses, so you don’t have access to them outside of Facebook! But Facebook does, because when they sign up for an account, they give Facebook their email address. Do you know what that means? That means that Facebook can (and does) send emails to YOUR AUDIENCE when they want to reach them, but you can’t.


You’re literally working to build Facebook’s business to the detriment of your own!

Where on Earth does that make any kinda’ sense??

So, what should you do instead of building a Facebook page for your blog?

You should grow your OWN email list! THAT’S what you should do!

Growing your own email list gives you 100% control of when and how your audience hears from you. You can email them anytime you want to, and they can, in turn contact you. There’s no ‘man in the middle’ with his hand out, looking to take payment for your hard work, AND your audience.

“So Debbie, how am I supposed to go about growing this list?”

Great question.

Do you see that bar at the top of this blog? That’s one way.

Were you accosted by the drop down signup form for my “Real Talk Series“?

That’s another way.

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They’re both super effective for getting the attention of your visitors, and letting them sign up to your email list(s). Another way is to embed that form in your blog posts (like the one at the bottom of this post) 🙂

So…should you have a Facebook page for your blog? That decision is of course, up to you. But think about that garden…





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