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The Best Way to Make Your Pins Go Viral

Pinterest is a great way to discover and keep track of things that you want to know more about; from how to make the perfect lemon loaf (a favorite of mine), to yoga poses for back pain, you can find just about anything you want on Pinterest. It’s not just for arts and crafts, and recipes anymore. When you’re pinning to the platform, the question that resides in the back of your head is generally “The Best Way to Make Your Pins Go Viral”?

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But as a blogger, someone who finds their traffic on Pinterest, and contributes information from her blog to the platform, we all hope for that ‘diamond unicorn’; the Viral Pin.

But how do you get your pins to go viral?

The Best Way to Make Your Pins Go Viral

I built this blog in September 2017. Once it was built, life came along and my precious baby got put on the back burner. When I finally freed up my time to start focusing on my blog again, it was like starting over. It stung like a bitch.

I was obsessed.

So I started obsessing over my marketing. What I needed, was a way to ramp up my marketing, so as to get back the traffic that I lost while I was ‘preoccupied’.

Now…I’m not a patient person. I’ve got all KINDS of issues with impatience. I want what I want NOW, so falling backward with my blog traffic wasn’t an easy thing to digest. It took time to get to where I was before the ‘hiatus’, and the climb back has been mind bending. It still gives me stress. (That’s probably more honesty than you wanna hear, but, meh…)

Pinterest is Amazing for driving traffic.

I discovered that Pinterest is an insane driver of traffic. Not only is it an insane driver of traffic, but I discovered once I started utilizing Pinterest with Tailwind, that some pins go ‘buck wild’ on the platform, pushing your traffic through the roof!

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Think about it;  having many others distribute your pins, increases the odds that one (or more) of those pins will go viral! Why do you think those who create affiliate products can do so well? Because instead of simply selling their products themselves, they ‘hire’ an army of salespeople to sell with them!

Group boards and Tribes are the main ingredients.

I like to call Pinterest group boards, and Tailwind tribes my way of “affiliate pinning”. Some of those pinners are contributing to massive group boards.

So, say for instance that you’re fairly new to the “blogging game” and you want (of course) to get traffic to your brand new blog. The easiest way to get that traffic is not just to use Pinterest, but to use Tailwind and join ‘tribes’ while you’re there! I’ve watched a few of my pins go viral very likely because of it, and I can’t think of one reason that you shouldn’t use it.

Pinterest groups are great, but Tailwind tribes are the way to go when it comes to getting traffic, especially for a new blog. Ideally, you want to use them both. Why not? You can’t lose.

Next time, we’ll talk about Smartloop! 😉

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