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The Sad Truth About Blogging

I haven’t been keeping up with posting to my blogs, primarily because I have “shiny new thing” syndrome. This simply means that I have other projects that divert my attention from this (and other things), and for that, I must apologize. 

Truth be told, I have to tell you that I was experiencing some temporary disillusionment with blogging.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to write, especially if my writing helps you out in some way. 

But blogging isn’t the same animal that it once was. 

Not even close.

Especially if your intention is to make a living doing it.

Once upon a time, you could start a blog about something that you were interested in, write your heart out about that subject, and readers would find you. You might even make a few bucks along the way, depending on how you structured your blog. 

The platforms that we use to distribute our blog posts have gone from being drivers of ‘organic’ traffic, to being primarily about who can afford to shell out the most money for ads to promote those posts. 

I’m not down with it.

I used to look up to those bloggers who’re making mad money every month with their blogs. But once you take a look behind the blogging curtain, you find that there’s nothing back there but digital ‘slight of hand’. Nothing but smoke and mirrors. 

The bloggers who shout about how much money they make every month with their blogs are spending huge money on advertising; Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest, are reaping huge profits from our need for the all mighty traffic.

As someone who was around when things looked much different, it’s painful to watch. 

Web Hosting

Those bloggers who ‘rook’ you into starting a blog by telling you how easy it is, and how much traffic their blogs get, don’t tell you how much money they spent getting traffic to those blogs. They let you think that as long as you do “a, b, and c” the way they tell you to, you’ll be making mad cash by next week. 

None of that shit is true.

When it comes to getting traffic to your blog, spending the money is one thing, but leaving that little detail out of the equation for new bloggers, is a con for the sake of making a few (or a few thousand) affiliate dollars. 

Apparently the ‘con’ works.

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me that they’d started a blog, and followed some “super blogger’s” advice, only to find themselves disillusioned and ready to quit, I’d have about $10 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of what those bloggers tell you is good stuff. But much of it can be super deceiving and is frankly only in those posts for the sake of making money.

You learn to spot them from a mile away.

An example?

Blog hosting. I know. This shit sounds boring AF, but blog hosting is the first thing you need to be clear on once you’ve decided to start that blog.

There are a lot of bloggers out there who recommend a particular host, for the simple sake of the fact that their affiliate payment is much higher than most others. And it should be. In order to facilitate that high payment, they’ve gotta charge you “more” for your hosting service.

Let me explain; they’ll tell you that you’re paying something like $3.95 a month for hosting, and I guess in theory, you are.

The catch here is that no one tells you that only get that price if you pay for your hosting 36 months in advance!

And I know that many of you actually ‘fell’ for that scheme because you’ve told me that you have.

I’m a cynic by nature. The first time that I clicked on one of those blogger’s links to that host, and went through the signup process, only to find that I was about to be charged $106+ at checkout, as opposed to the expected $3.95 for per month of hosting (each month), I felt dirty.

I can’t tell you how quickly I clicked that little “x” on my browser tab.

I felt like I’d narrowly avoided being mugged.

Subsequently, I did some research, and luckily landed on my current hosting company. I’ve been using them since 2012, and they host many of my blogs.

And do you want to know how much they cost?

$3.95 a month when you subscribe to the Startup Plan for one year. It’s all upfront. No surprises. 

So, my advice for blog hosting would be the company that I use for some of my blogs. No baiting and switching. Great service. I have no complaints 🙂

As for getting traffic once you’ve started your new blog, that’s changed too.

Web Hosting

It used to be that you could start a blog, and use a platform like Facebook or more popularly, Pinterest to drive traffic to it.

Facebook changed the way that they show your posts to your ‘followers’ back around 2013, moving from organic to a paid system (which as far as I’m concerned, is pure bullshit…).

But with all of the usual suspects focusing primarily on converting to a “pay to play” system (I told you about that here), it’s only going to get more and more expensive to succeed with a blog. Especially if your blog is new.

Facebook used to be the “go-to” medium for blog traffic. Now it’s much more expensive to advertise with Facebook. So bloggers are finding new ways to generate blog traffic.

There’s an “easy” way to make money with your new blog. I think the old saying “it takes money to make money” applies here.

So I take that back. I shouldn’t use the word “easy”.

Making money with a blog is a ton of work, but it’s ‘easier’ than most other things that you could do for money. You simply need to know what steps you should take, and in what order you should take them. Which ‘landmines’ to avoid, and which direction will actually move you forward.

I blog because I wanted to make money that’s truly automatic. Writing content for my blogs, and affiliate marketing are the best ways to do that. 

I wanted a business that I could legit run from absolutely anywhere. To blog, all I need is a wifi connection and my laptop. Sometimes I don’t even need my laptop, I can post from my phone.

The sad truth about blogging is that no one actually wants to tell you the truth.

Web Hosting

I have no issues doing that.

That said, I’ll be going through the steps that I take to make money with all of my blogs, in The No BS Blogging Guide

I’ve thought for a long time about creating this course. I’ve started building it on numerous occasions, and have simply let it slide for one reason or another (you know how it is).

In it, I’ll let you in on how to:

  • Choosing a name for your new blog
  • Purchasing hosting that won’t break the bank
  • Install WordPress (which is where most new bloggers throw up their hands and walk away)
  • Create distribution channels for your content
  • Generate that all-important, money-making traffic 🙂

No BS, no smoke and mirrors. Just the truth.

To receive a notification when the course goes live, simply CLICK HERE.


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