The Truth About Bottled Water

The Truth About Bottled Water

Bottled water is a heavily advertised commodity, it’s often seen in the tote bags of celebrities and athletes alike.

As our society/culture becomes increasingly health conscious, people continue to turn to bottled water as convenient and stylish way to stay hydrated while exercising.

However, at a dollar or more per gallon, the price of bottled water can really add up over time, especially if you’re drinking it on a regular basis. Bottled water costs roughly five hundred times per gallon what tap water costs, which raises the question: is bottled water really worth the price?

The answer unfortunately, is less clear than the question.

Bottled water is vital in some situations, such as when you’re hiking in the middle of nowhere, or traveling to an area where the ground water isn’t safe for consumption. In these kinds of situations bottled water is literally priceless.

Likewise, bottled water is an important part of an emergency preparedness kit, and experts across many fields agree that it’s a good idea to keep at least a few gallons of bottled water in your home and workplace for safety reasons.

However, the vast majority of bottled water purchased and consumed is for use outside of these situations. Many people choose bottled water for health reasons, believing that it’s free from bacteria and other germs that linger in tap water, or that bottled water is processed in such a way that potentially dangerous chemicals can’t leak into the supply.

However, scientific studies suggest that most bottled water is exactly the same as tap water in terms of germs and chemical makeup.

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The major health benefit of bottled water is probably not due to the characteristics of the water itself, but simply due to the fact that having access to portable, refreshing bottled water encourages people to hydrate themselves.

Few of us actually make time to drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day, but with the rise of bottled water, more people are drinking more water more often, which spells good news for everybody. If bottled water helps you to make hydrating a regular part of your day, the benefits may very well outweigh the financial costs.

Staying hydrated is good for your health because it allows your body to more easily flush away toxins, and it’s good for your appearance.

Drinking water also helps you build vibrant skin cells; grow stronger, firmer hair; and replenish your muscles; leading to greater overall health. And if bottled water makes hydration an easier part of your lifestyle, then bottled water is worth it’s weight in gold.

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