Top 5 Things You MUST Have in Your Kitchen
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Top 5 Things You MUST Have in Your Kitchen

If you are just starting to cook, or are moving out on your own, chances are, you don’t have much in terms of cooking equipment. Here is what I recommend that you to get as you’re starting out. As times goes by, you will of course, get more kitchen gadgets. But here are five that I absolutely recommend starting out with:

Chopping board

The chopping board is super basic, as you can’t chop anything without having a chopping board. It’s very versatile, and you can chop pretty much anything on it; onions, potatoes, tomatoes, meat, herbs, etc.

Some people prefer to get separate chopping boards for meat, dairy items, vegetables, etc.

Others get different sized chopping boards, and use them depending on the volume of things they need to chop. Start out with one, and see what else you need.

A good knife.

Again, this is very basic, but you won’t be able to chop or cook anything without a decent knife.

A good, sharp knife goes a long way to help you prepare food. You can go to a few stores, and hold the knives in your hand so that you know which one you are comfortable with.

A big pot.

You need a pot for pretty much anything; from boiling pasta to making soup to stewing to pretty much anything else.

Some pots come with colander inserts, which makes it easier to cook pasta. Or, you could get a colander separately, and use that.

A saute’ pan.

I love saute pans, and I use them all the time. Again, they’re super versatile, and I recommend getting one without wooden handles, so that you can put the saute in the oven as well.

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Use the saute pan for preparing stir fries, sauteing meat and fish, cooking vegetables and much, much more.

A Roasting Pan.

The roasting pan is perfect for preparing things in the oven. From roast to roasted chicken to roasted vegetables, a roasting pan can help you cook any of your favorite dishes in the oven.

Don’t be scared! Cooking is fun! Start getting a few things that I recommended, and add to your collection of kitchen equipment as time goes by.

Peace 🙂


Top 5 Things You MUST Have in Your Kitchen

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