Two Simple Tweaks to Make Mornings Easier

No matter what time you rise in the am, we all have certain things that we like to do upon opening our eyes.

What’s the first thing you think of when your feet hit the floor?

Do you take the time to be thankful for peace, quiet and coffee?

Or are you a frazzled whirlwind, hurrying to get into the shower and get your day started?

I used to be that person who woke up at the last possible second, only giving myself time to quickly shower and throw back a few sips of coffee before sprinting out the door. It always made for a rushed and frazzled morning and I didn’t like it.

Starting the day out in a hurry always carried over to the rest of my day. It just never settled. It always left me feeling like my morning was ‘unfinished’; like I needed to take a few minutes and a deep breath, in order to ‘reset’ my day.

It was obvious that creating a simple plan for my morning routine would save me some stress, and bring some semblance of ‘sanity’ to my day.

So my morning sip of coffee and hurried shower routine changed.

First, instead of setting my alarm for the exact time that I needed to wake up, I set it for 45 minutes earlier. This way, I could hit the ‘snooze’ button once (maybe twice), and still have time to leisurely wake up, and make my way to the shower.

Then instead of rushing to make coffee when I wake up, I started using the programmable timer on my coffee maker to prepare coffee the night before. I set it to start making coffee about an hour after my alarm goes off in the am.

This actually gives me 15 minutes to take a shower (which is a LOT).

While I’m in the shower, the coffee maker starts brewing my morning hit of caffeine. This has two features; making coffee (Duh) and the smell of the coffee acts as a timer to remind me to actually get out of the shower 🙂

By the time I’m out of the shower, my coffee is waiting, and I still have about 20 to 30 minutes to go over whatever’s floating around in my head; what to wear, what to eat (if I’m going to eat in the am), etc.

Essentially, all you have to do is give yourself an ‘extra’ 45 minutes in the am and start using the timer on your coffee maker.

I was surprised at just how much more peaceful these two tiny tweaks have made my entire day!

Don’t believe me?

Try it!

Then let me know in the comments below how it went 🙂


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