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Wanna Pay Less at Starbucks? Here’s How…

We all know that Starbucks is expensive to say the absolute least, but we can’t resist stopping in at the “Big S” on our way past any one of the umpteen trillion locations that dot the planet, for our favorite treats.

If that’s your daily conundrum, here are a few ways to get your Starbucks favorite, for less:

Order Bigger Sizes, Not Extra Shots

If you like an extra shot of espresso in your drink, you might get it cheaper if it’s rung up as a larger drink with less water, instead of a smaller drink with an extra shot, says Consumerist. But only sometimes! Right now, New York’s Union Square Starbucks sensibly charges the same for a three-shot tall Americano and a regular (three-shot) Grande Americano.

Use a Bigger Cup for “Room for Milk”

This one’s my personal favorite; for those of you who want “room for milk” but lay awake at night dreaming of that wasted quarter-inch of cup space. Order your coffee in the next-size cup. I always order a tall in a Grande cup. Don’t hate. It’s my thing.

Wean Yourself Off Frappuccinos

They’re the least bang for your buck, says Consumerist. To satisfy your sweet tooth, add syrup to a basic drink. Multiple shots of syrup cost the same as one shot.

Bring Your Own Cup

If you use your own cup, you get ten cents off, no matter the drink size.

Don’t Use the Drive-Thru

The drive-thru has to charge you for every add-on, says Consumerist. But face-to-face, baristas can give you extras for free.

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Use the App With Caution

Order your drinks through the app and earn loyalty rewards. But if you’re the type of person easily tricked by an upsell—if, say, you’ve ever spent money in Candy Crush—the rewards system will backfire. Starbucks will dangle “extra” rewards points in front of you if you buy baked goods or promoted drinks. Don’t be a sucker.

Check for an Old Espresso Machine

This is a long shot (pun!), but as of six years ago, some Starbucks machines could only pour two shots of espresso at once. So according to therewillbesnacks, if you ordered a three-shot drink, you could politely ask for that fourth shot for free.


*Originally printed by Lifehacker

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