Wedding Craft Ideas to Help You Save Money
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Wedding Craft Ideas to Help You Save Money

Weddings are an exciting occasion, but they can get expensive in a hurry. With wedding crafts you can add a personal touch to your wedding, and hold the price down as well. Here are a few Wedding Craft Ideas to Help You Save Money and add sparkle and creativity to your big day.

Make your wedding veil.

Wedding veils can run you into the hundreds, and it’s not that hard to create your own wedding veil, and it’s actually a lot of fun. To make this wedding craft, you will need a length of bridal illusion in the desired length. You will also need a comb to attach it to your hair and a hat or headpiece to cover the comb. Sew large running stitches about an inch from the end of the illusion and gather it tightly. Now sew the veil to the comb. Top with a hat or headpiece. As an alternative, you can decorate a wide-brimmed straw hat with silk flowers, ribbon, and pearls.

Wedding Craft Ideas to Help You Save Money 2

Design your own bouquets.

The bouquets and floral arrangements for your wedding are another huge expense that can be personally crafted.

For a simple outdoor wedding, consider using wild flowers. They’re free and have a charm all their own. Bouquets can be arranged in large clear vases, with a bow tied elegantly around it.

Wedding Favors

Favors for the guests are particularly appropriate wedding crafts, and guests sometimes look forward to what kind of favor they’ll be receiving. Refrigerator magnets are a simple and well-liked wedding favor. A really nice idea is to make a magnetic picture frame and include a picture of the couple. You could cut a frame out of craft foam in one of the wedding colors, arrange over the photo, and glue all onto a cardboard backing. Place self-adhesive magnet tape on the back of the cardboard. Decorate the front of the frame with foil heart stickers and a monogram of the couple’s last name.

Church ‘Decorations’

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Bows for the ends of the pews or rows make simple wedding crafts. Wide velvet ribbons are nice for fall and winter weddings, while satin is more appropriate for spring and summer weddings. Loop some flat lace in with the ribbons. In the center of the completed bow, attach some silk flowers and pearl sprays with a hot glue gun.

The Wedding Cake

Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at decorating your own cake. Check the craft section of the department store for pans and gadgets of all types to help you create a cake to remember. Do remember, though, that it takes a steady hand. Be sure to practice before starting on the real cake.

Preparing for a wedding can be expensive, but with wedding crafts, you can take some of the sting out the expense. Plan early, because it will take a little while to make favors for everyone and all the other little details you will want to take care of. Maybe creating wedding crafts will even relieve some of those wedding jitters. In any event, crafting your own wedding items is a way to have a personal, beautiful, and much less expensive wedding.

Peace 🙂

Wedding Craft Ideas to Help You Save Money

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