Why I Dont Do Income Reports

Why I Don’t Do Income Reports, and Why I No Longer Read Them

Ugh. Where do I start?

I’m sure that on your travels around the “www”, if you’re visiting any number of blogs, you’ve seen more than your fair share of income reports.

I don’t even read these things anymore. They make me anxious. And it’s gotten so bad that when one lands in my email, I straight up unsubscribe (and to those of you on my email list, you’ll never get one from me).

That said, I will admit that for some, blogging income reports can be motivational, perhaps giving you that mental ‘kick in the ass’ that you need to push forward with your blogging efforts.

But there’s a reason that so many post their monthly income online, and it seems to be working quite well for it’s intended purpose, or there wouldn’t be so damn many of them! Even those who’re making $10 in their first month are posting that shit!

Sorry (not sorry). Not me. You have my word.

I’m not a hermit, but I’m not a full-on extrovert either. I’m a private enough person to not want to shout from the rooftops, how much I do or do not make for the simple sake of making a few sales.

Ain’t gonna do it. Never.

I’d rather tell you which tools I use to build and run this blog, and let you assume that there’s gotta be some kinda’ dough behind all this effort, than remove all mystery by telling you how much. If that means that I’m not making mad dough in affiliate commissions because I chose not to air out that laundry, then so be it.

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I was raised in the school of thinking that said that talking about how much you make is rude. I’m not sure when the web turned this ‘rule’ into a footnote, but I still abide by it. Having other people (including friends and family btw) know how much I make, whether with blogging or any other ‘job’, makes me really uncomfortable.

Are You Ready? 

So…here’s the ‘nuts n’ bolts’ of those income reports; They’re a sales tool.

Think about it; when you read about how much insane money some of those bloggers make via those reports, you think “I can do that!” and then what do you do?

I’ll tell you what you do; you read through that report one time, then you scroll back up to the beginning, and you click on any number of those carefully placed affiliate links that’re included in said post.


You click on those links with a hunger to sign up for any one of those tools that blogger is supposedly using to help him/her make all that money, and you purchase the tool(s)/subscription/course, etc.

And so, that blog income report has served it’s purpose.

That said, this post wasn’t intended to be shade to those bloggers who want to post their earnings for all to see and drool over. More power to ‘ya! It just doesn’t happen to be my ‘cuppa tea’.

So now to the second part of my title; Why do I no longer READ income reports?

Well…I’ve never been the person who gives a royal rat’s ass about anyone else’s business, so there’s that, and partly for the reason that I stated above.

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But I read an article by another blogger not that long ago (probably a few days) and God forgive me I can’t remember her name or I’d link to it (sorry, I thought I saved it too), but she said something in that post that summed it all up for me.

The post was about ‘staying in your lane’, so to speak, and not chasing the success of other bloggers. To me, those income reports foster a kind of competitive “carrot and stick” scenario. Where all you can think about is when you’re going to get to making how much “so and so” is making with his/her blog, and I totally get what she was saying (it’s really pissing me off that I can’t remember her name now too).

I no longer read blogger income reports because when I was still mildly interested in doing so, I read one by a blogger (who shall remain nameless), who’s report was so obviously inflated (yeah…let’s call it that “inflated”), I felt like I needed to shower after reading it. She told a straight up lie that was ridiculously easy to check, and it turned me right off.

Which made me think; how much more of this fiction is out there??? This chick f*cked up and said something (in print yet) that anyone with a keyboard could check out, so what about the others (and I’m sure there are more)?

That’s my last point; Sometimes there isn’t a way to know whether or not that blogger is actually telling the truth. I get my share of messages from new bloggers, talking about how they signed up for this course, or that program on the advice of some blogger, only to find that the thing/methods/strategies don’t work worth a damn.

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I’m just done.

Just had to get that off my chest 🙂


PS: Don’t don’t send me hate by email. You won’t like what you get in return. 

Why I Dont Do Income Reports

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  1. Kathy McGrath says:

    Again, wow! leaving my second comment ever (the first being just a moment ago on another post of yours)!
    Authenticity on the internet! Love your writing style…you make me laugh and cheer for you at the same time. Now that’s a worthy read.
    Kathy Mc

    1. She Loves Nice Things says:

      Two comments in one day!

      I’m truly honored 🙂

      Thanks Kathy!


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