3 Reasons Why I Refuse to Stress About Building My Facebook Business Page

Why I Refuse to Stress About Growing My Facebook Business Page

The answer is quite simple really; For those of us who’ve been in the digital marketing space for longer than say…5 years, we remember.

We remember when having a Facebook page for your business was a plus. We worked to get “fans” to our business pages, and when we posted our content to those pages those posts could be seen by anyone who liked the page. Then Facebook got greedy, and things changed. I can remember the day right down to the hour. And so can most of you.

Why I Refuse to Stress About Growing My Facebook Business Page

If your business page had 3000+ ‘fans’, your average post to that page could get up to a few hundred likes, and a couple dozen shares and comments. Those were the good old days. The day that FB choked off organic reach was a dark one. We went from posting our content to lively communities of ‘fans’ that we’d worked like dogs to attract to our pages by various means, to what it looks like now; paying good money to the ‘Almighty FB’ to “boost” lonely posts in order to get more ‘fans’ to like our pages, just so that we can turn around and pay FB again to boost subsequent posts, making them visible to some of the people that we just paid them to acquire!

I don’t stress about building My Facebook Business Page because when it comes to Facebook for business we pay, and we pay, and we pay again before we’ve even started to pay for actual Facebook ads.

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Don’t get me wrong; I ‘get’ that marketing costs money. Duh. But if any other person or company came at any of us asking that we pay to essentially do and redo and REDO the same thing, any one of us would tell them where to go.

It’s ridiculous. And I’m over it.

Facebook has found a way to reach into our collective wallets/budgets a minimum of 3 times before our ‘fans’ ever even glimpse what we work to bring them; we create those pages, and post content to them, so that there’s something on the page for potential readers to enjoy. Then we PAY to boost that content, so that those people that we just finished paying to get to the page, can actually SEE it!  But God help you if you post content without paying for a ‘boost’; NO ONE, no matter how many ‘fans’ or people who ‘like’ your page, will every see it. I don’t care HOW many Facebook says that the post actually ‘reached’.

And what do we do? We say “Thank you Facebook for burrowing into my wallet AGAIN! Here! Have some more!” As we dig ever deeper into our budgets to feed the insatiable Facebook page monster.

It’s a vicious cycle.

I know I know. I’m aware of all the ‘blah blah blah’ about how great Facebook advertising is supposed to be for small business. And I’m not disputing that. What I’m ‘over’, is spending all the money and effort building a FB business page, only to PAY Facebook to ‘allow’ those people to see and interact with that page’s content, and we really have no idea how many of those people are actually seeing those posts. Yeah yeah…I know that FB gives us a number relating to how many people the posts actually “reach”, but who knows if any of that is accurate??

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What’s worse, it feels more and more like post boosts are a complete waste of money. We have no idea who on earth actually sees the boosts that we’re paying for.

Again; I’m over it.

All of the mess that the “Almighty FB” is going through right now with the user data that they gave away during the last election can only be described as Karma. It’s Karma for lording over, controlling and obsessing over our personal information, pouring that information into the open palms of God only knows what agency decides that they want it, in addition, it’s karma for (as I said before) reaching into our budgets over and over again to take money for the same damned thing.

In short, after paying to get ‘likes’ to the page, we’re made to turn around and pay again, to have those people see page posts, every post. And that is Why I Don’t Stress About Building My Facebook Business Page.

I deactivated my personal FB page more than a year ago, and at that time, the intention was just to take a 30 day break. It’s been more than a year, and I have no intention of ever going back (but the reasons for turfing that is another post).

As for my business…Nope! I’m not saying that I don’t have a FB business page, but it has 2 ‘likes’, and that doesn’t stop me from creating FB ads (should I choose to do so).


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